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Wasing the wanting of greeting


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Hey everybody! I'm Wildbuc. Nice to meet you.


I have never actually joined the forums like this before even though I'm in my mid-20's.  I love Brandon Sanderson's books ever since I finished the Wheel of Time series and I have read every Cosmere book and Novella currently available, other than White Sand and Emperor's Soul (the latter of which I started today).  I have also read both books in the Reckoner's series though not the short story Mitosis.


I guess the best way to describe myself to you is to tell you which magic systems I think I would be associated with: AonDor (I devote myself to my passions endlessly, especially learning new things), an Elsecaller (I search for the Truth above all things, even if the answer I seek may disagree with my original train of thought), and a Skybreaker (as I view the rules as paramount.  I do think certain rules/laws should be changed from time to time, but only if done through the proper channels.  My brother and father may have nicknamed me Javert, lol).  Also making a windrunner Skyrim character lol.


Anyways, I look forward to reading your theories on the Cosmere and posting my own!

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Ah! A Cosmere theorist in the making! Have an upvote, Wildbuc!

I hope you're having fun so far. Don't be put off by overly-wild theories like those made by me; there's plenty of well-researched, well-written speculative gems from other Sharders out there. I hope to read your contributions soon!

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