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You Know The Drill.......


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Great first post! Several of your questions we have speculated on and Brandon has provided answers to with his awesome Words of Brandon (WOB). I suggest you go read them on theoryland, or in the compiled location here on the forum


With regards to Nightblood and Stormlight...


  INTERVIEW: Mar 22nd, 2014 QUESTION
Will Nightblood drain Stormlight?
Nightblood will drain any Investiture, so yes.
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The Lord Ruler could have accessed unlimited mental speed, physical speed, luck, and investiture, and he was defeated by someone who pulled his bracers off.  He has the ability to pull metal back to him!


With his insecurities, I don't think he would fare very well against Steelheart.  

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I don't think he would fare very well against Steelheart.  


That is until Steelheart turns everything to steel. I don't see how he could possibly lose at that point, because then they'd have almost identical passive capabilities (flight, super-health [until TLR figures out how to beat Steelheart]). I actually don't see Steelheart having much of a chance.

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