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Reading Firefight was like


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In case it wasn't clear, you all are supposed to come up with your own bad metaphor for how awesome Firefight was. :ph34r:

You mean simile right? ;)

Also for mine:

Reading Firefight was like a cat in a china shop. You know, cause cats are always knocking things over? Because Firefight broke my mind. Though I guess it's also nice, because you get to pet a cat and look at pretty china.

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Like watching a stampede coming toward you while you're trapped in Jello, thinking it's all enraged wildebeests with razor-sharp poisoned teeth and claws—which wildebeests aren't supposed to have—only to learn once they get there that some of them are lions with hydrokinetic powers and some of them are pyrokinetic pugs. 


It's awesome and confusing and hilarious and my mind is BLOWN to smithereens right now. 

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Reading Firefight was like being a firefighter surfing a tsunami.


See, the firefighter's trained for intense situations, but he's not in his natural element (a YA book). But he decides "What the heck?" and rides the wave of intensity instead of fighting it. He's pulled along by the craziness, and can't let go without being drowned, so he hangs on relentlessly until the ride's over (guessing many people here read this book mostly in a couple long sittings). 


Reading Firefight was like ripping out the plumbing of a broken, leaky faucet that drips chocolate milk. 


No, it makes sense, really! You realize that you want the chocolate milk a lot because it tastes so good, but you decide it's coming out too slowly. What do you do? Obviously, you dedicate yourself to the job of exploring and ripping out the plumbing that contains the chocolate milk. You succeed, finishing off the delicious chocolate milk, and then realize you have no way to get more of it without calling in the experts. Cue Brandon the plumber!


Reading Firefight was like seeing a pig with a jetpack.


Do I even have to explain this one? Fine, okay. Well, you see the pig fly by you faster than you thought was physically possible. However, you always knew this day was coming, and you'd been waiting to see a pig fly for a while now. Now that you've seen it, you know you'll wait to see it again. It was also a hilarious, exciting, truly memorable experience, and you were glad that you were one of the people who could witness it.

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