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Hello, My name is Naso and have been reading Sanderson since 2013. I did not become Cosmere aware though until 2014 when my job started pairing co-workers for paid lunches to get to know each other better. During a very awkward lunch it was not until the metro trip back that my co-worker and I finally got around to discussing books and realized we both read Sanderson and popped that Cosmere bubble on me. We are no longer co-workers but still friends during the journey Brandon is taking us on.

I have read all of the cosmere works available through public and 17th Shard, went to Dragonsteel '22 as my first convention (plan on heading back for '24), and listened to all the Shardcast episodes (yes, even those very first ones before it became shardcast). Best moment was when Ben introed WTCC and tying it to the another beloved franchises inter-commercial blip from my child hood. Well played Ben. My favorite work of Brandon is Emperor's Soul still. Been more passive as a fan but maybe this is the first step to saying the words....

Cannot wait to be more active and bounce ideas around...and yea, thank you all for the content we crave and for the Coppermind resource so mann of you also work on.



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