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Who would you want with you

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8 minutes ago, Highprince10 said:

For that group you probably want Lopen Wayne and Lightsong try having a serious conversation with those three guys 

To be fair, a Windrunner, a Twinborn and a Returned would be pretty useful not including their personalities.

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10 minutes ago, Lord Spirit said:

not including their personalities.

A guy who thinks he is king, a guy who will trade your most valuable possession for a rat and a god who doesn't believe in his own religion. There personalities could be a problem if you are trying to rule. But they do have some cool powers. 

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Assuming that all would have adequate access to their respective forms of investiture:

The Team:

  1. Vasher - Both a very good scholar and a capable warrior, also a good bodyguard/trainer/advisor.
  2. Sigzil - Both a scholar/engineer and capable warrior. 
  3. Lift - Healing.

Honorable Mention: Breeze. Manipulation would be so helpful in that situation, but the other three bring more variety and if I don't have powers someone who can heal me is going to be essential. 

The Plan: My plan would be to gain notoriety through a campaign to better the lives of all Romans. You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar. Show the people that you can improve their lives, show the politicians that you can improve the economy and the technological advancement of the empire, show everyone that you are able to provide something that  others cannot.

It's much easier to maintain power if the people under your rule are happy and like you as a ruler. My plan would be to improve the lives of the people through technological advancement and economic improvement, simultaneously making the empire better and improving the lives of it's subjects making it less susceptible to threats from within or from outside. 

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So, every great empire needs a good administrator, so I would conscript either Tindwyl, Llarimar, or maybe Dockson.

Next you need a really strong army or fighting capability. I would choose either Kelsier or Vasher. I would choose Vasher, because while Kelsier is crazy, he is literally crazy, and he is only one guy, so he is bad at doing things like stopping riots. Vasher is better because he is smarter, more rational, he fights dirty, knows a lot, and he has Kalad's Phantoms. They are literally elite shock troops, and they can crush whole armies, and Roman tech can't really stop them.


Last, I would want either a figurehead or someone to chat with and keep me sane. I would like Breeze for manipulation, or even Frost. I would actually choose Frost because he is really experienced, seems like he would be fun to talk to, and he probably knows some magic code to keep Hoid out of my business.

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12 hours ago, The Stick said:

. I would like Breeze for manipulation, or even Frost

Why do you think Frost would be good at running a empire. We have only seen him run the 17th shards and his field agents aren't particular loyal to him. 


Because the Ghostbloods are able to steal their agents


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Kelsier, Dalinar, Tindwyl. Over all, I feel Kelsier would help me get popular, But I felt would train me to continue in that popularity and Dalinar would tell me when I’m wrong and help me fix the broken systems.

honorable mentions: Raoden, Sarene, Elend, Vin, Gavilar, Dockson, Breeze, Wax, Adonalsium, Hoid, Autonomy, Adolin.

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