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Bot Spam Problem

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This normally happens a couple of times (ish) a day. You can report one of the posts and a mod will ban the bot and delete its posts. You should only report a single post so the mods don’t get spammed with reports.

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They already covered everything but I just want to note:

20 hours ago, KelsierFortnite said:

but is there anything that can be done to stop them?

If somebody has a Bonded Cryptic, maybe they can analyze the network packets, backtrace the connection and find them. Then we find a way to turn the tables, like Davy (Minor Spoilers)


In Jumper, Davy deals with a insurance company sending robo-calls by using his ability to gain access to their building and setting the server managing the calls to call their employee roster. . . nonstop. Ch 9:


Later, after all of the company’s employees had left, I returned and located their automated telemarketing equipment set up in a corner office. I found an employee roster with home phone numbers in the reception area.

An hour later, the equipment was calling the company’s employees and playing the ad for them. Over and over and over again.

I went home, to bed, a smile on my face.



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