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Hi! New Brandon Sanderson Fan and Member of This Forum


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Hello everyone! My name is John, but known online as NitreX.

 I'm a new fan of Brandon Sanderson and also a new member of this forum, I'm completely in love with this magnificent author's writing and I recently started the Mistborn saga, I'm currently reading Well of Ascension, I'm already in chapter 15 and I'm full of questions in my head and many theories. As I saw that this topic served as a form of introduction I decided to make a post here as a way of introducing myself to the more veteran members, I am very eager to continue reading more works by this author because I am passionate about fantasy and Mistborn has taken my mind and without doubt has become one of my favorite book sagas and also books because the Final Empire and Well of Ascension won my heart (After reading Well of Ascension I will then buy Hero of Ages and then head to the Stormlight Archive to read The Way of The Kings)

I hope to do well on this forum and make many friends here, thank you for your time if you read this far!

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2 minutes ago, Faerie Braids said:

Hello, and welcome to Shard! What has been one of your favourite moments in Mistborn, so far?

Hello, thanks! My favourite moments for sure in Mistborn so far there were undoubtedly two that marked me, in the final empire when the skaa and everyone finally rebelled against the Final Empire and the Lord Ruler's revelation to Vin, when he said that humanity was going to doom itself and that they didn't know what he he did for humanity and that he was a god but no one could see that. In the Well of Ascension, which is currently what I'm reading, I'm still very much at the beginning, but so far my favorite moments are without a doubt this whole mystery surrounding what really happened in the Well of Ascension, also seeing how the skaa are completely lost due to being without guidance from the Lord Ruler, some did not accept that he left and think that he abandoned them and it is interesting to see this dynamic, I am in a part where Sazed found a skaa that was completely crazy and that fed on human flesh?? ? Because the mist started to come out during the day and that is definitely an interesting thing and I hope to discover more answers.

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