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Claiming the Ascendant Warrior


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3 hours ago, Oltux72 said:

Listening to @FeatherWriter 's splendid carol I was triggered into thinking. It makes perfect sense that House Venture wants to claim Vin as one of them. How secure is that claim? I mean, technically Vin was a Tekiel, wasn't she? Do they claim her?

I was almost certain that no Venture survived Catacendre but apparently there was one drunk head Venture mentioned in Era 2. And that's all we have. 

The Coppermind page abvlut Vin starts with:


Vin Venture is a half-skaa Mistborn from the Final Empire on Scadrial

She married Elend so the claim is pretty solid. 

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9 minutes ago, Oltux72 said:

Her father was a Tekiel. Equally solid I'd say

She was an illegitimate child. Children like Vin were persecuted and killed in the Final Empire. Their life was illegal, as nobles were meant to kill Skaa women they slept with. 

Sure, her father was a Tekiel but she was never accepted nor acknowledged into the family. She never considered herself as a part of Tekiel house. She was a Skaa. 

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