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new Ookla who dis


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A joke on the "new phone who dis" meme, but seriously, Ookla season makes for a very confusing time on the Shard, not just during the season but for historical posts where quotations retain the name of the member at the time of the quotation. I've been here a bit and I still don't know everyone's pfp, and if you change your pfp at the same time as your name, I probably don't know who you are anymore.

I mean, look at this:


I count 10 distinct Ooklas in this screenshot alone. The Sibling, Robin Sedai, Aon Ene, is that you? I'm not even sure for the "By Ookla _____" marking for the thread creation.

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but it would really help me out if you put your typical name in your signature or somewhere on your profile or something, though that won't help for mobile users. 😭 It's just really hard to know who I'm talking to, particularly if your "Ookla the ____" doesn't relate to your usual username. I have no idea how I would know who anyone is for the inside joke Ooklas if I were to join the Shard right now. I might tag you, but I don't not even sure who I'm tagging. 


Anyone else feel like this? halp

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I don't mind when it's confusing. I think it's kind of funny. I just click on the person and look at their name history. I do understand what you're saying, and I like it when people put their name in their signature, but generally I'm good with it and I just think it's fun. (Hopefully you can tell who I am)

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