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Investiture on the Research Ship

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When Nomad enters the Scadrian research vessel, he sees a jar of purified Dor. This Dor is obviously meant to be used as a source of Investiture for the Scadrians. As far as we know, this was first discovered and brought to Scadrial by Kelsier, or at least one of the Ghostbloods. It's not too crazy to imagine that the Ghostbloods released this technology to Scadrial, or at least to the military research program, given that their goal is to protect Scadrial.

However, there is a slight problem. Mraize and the Rosharan Ghostbloods had the goal of exporting Stormlight off of Roshar for portable Investiture. Stormlight is far more accessible than the Dor, probably easier to carry, and probably able to be taken off-world by the space age.

So why on earth would the Scadrians be using purified Dor instead of Stormlight?

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I see two possible reasons:

  1. Purified Dor is in some ways better than Stormlight (e.g. denser)
  2. Ghostbloods won't succeed in getting access to Stormlight.

I lean towards option two, as per WoB Dor is difficult/dangerous to obtain, Shallan is now aware of Ghostbloods plots and actively working against them, and Rosharans have relatively easy ways of controlling access to Shadesmar and Roshar.

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We see the Ghostbloods looking for a way to get Stormlight off world in Book 4 and we see the purified Dor in Era 2/Sunlit Man, both of which take place after the first 5 Stormlight. I just assumed that they've gotten the process more refined for moving Investiture. 


But all we know about the Dor is it's there and it's "purified", but have no idea what the process of purifying entails. It could still be far more economical to figure out a way of transporting Stormlight vs the process of purifying Dor which could potentially be deadly. 

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I have a number of guesses:

1: Sel is physically closer to Scadrial

2: Dor is easier/simpler to "Purify"

3: Purified Dor is easier/cheaper to purchase, possibly there is even an established trade network allowing this.

4: Dor is easier to store, being contained within a glass jar with a removable lid as opposed to requiring Flawless gemstones with a tendency to crack.

5: Roshar/Highstorms/Stormlight are inaccessible as a RELIABLE resource. It might be possible to access Stormlight, but if you're never sure when the next opportunity will come, why rely on it?

6: Stormlight no longer exists, and only Warlight is available. Due to something about it's dual nature, Warlight is substantially more valuable as a resource and so no one wants to Purify it.

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