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New Bridge 4 shirts


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Inkwing (run by Isaac Stewart, Brandon's cartographer/graphic designer/all-around illustrative mastermind) has posted three potential new designs for Bridge 4 T-shirts, and he's looking for votes to determine which one makes it to print. If you haven't seen 'em yet, I think you might dig 'em


Personally I'm a big fan of "I'm Wearing Your Mom", but I'm equally into "All I Got Was This Soup". Either way, I'll be wearing mine all the time.

(Full disclosure, those two are my designs. I ain't nohow impartial).


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Good work on both designs Inkthinker, although I think "I'm Wearing Your Mom" is a bit more appropriate as a one-off joke than as something that judgmental old people stare at me for wearing in public.

I voted for 1 slightly over 3A. 3B is cool too, but unnecessarily wordy compared to 3A, in my opinion.

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