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Getting geeker and geeker


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Hi everyone!

I am an italian fan of Brandon Sanderson. I really, really enjoy looking for obscure hints and making up weird theories about books I read, and Sanderson is just the perfect target. I am forcing my friends to read his books to have someone to speculate with, but i got bored to wait for them and started looking on the internet. The coppermind wiki is just fantastic, I felt really stupid ad how many hints about the cosmere I had missed, and I really enjoyed reading other people's weird theories here. i meant to stalk a little longer before to appear, but i am not good ad waiting and really wanted to answer some threads xD.

About me, I am a 20 years old very geeky physics student - very geeky even for a physics student, which is no small feat. I enjoy reading, travelling, asking for a fruit juice while all of my friends drink, arguing, and wasting my time over just-apparently-simple physics problems.

I am sorry if I make mistake with my english or my sentences are not easy to understand. It is obvioulsy not my first language and i learned it quite irregularly.

Happy to join you all!

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Hey there selerian, a non-alcoholic physicist huh? You're gonna fit right in :D

Watch out for Eric though, we're fairly sure he stalks people, and he has a thing for physics :blink:


Thanks for your words on the Coppermind :D and as Zaz said, it'd be great if you feel like editing any time :D there might be prizes ;)


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