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Shallan, Adolin, and Kaladin fan fiction

The Sibling

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I really loved the part in RoW where they all go out for a drink, and Kaladin mentioned that he occasionally got drinks with Adolin, so I wanted to write an example of another time they got drinks together. It ended up very similar to the original scene because I was mostly just trying to capture that energy, but I had fun writing it. I imagine that after this scene Adolin shows up at Kaladin's door and they talk and make up and it's super nice, but I didn't write that part.

Obviously Stormlight spoilers. 


    “Come on Kaladin!” Syl snapped letting frustration seep into her voice.


    Kaladin glanced upwards towards the spren who was sitting upside down on the ceiling, arms folded determinedly.

    “I am not going out with them again.” Kaladin groaned. He leaned backwards, resting his head on his pillow. “I just want to sleep.”

    “But you don’t sleep!” Said Syl. “You just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. Surely it’s better to have a night out.”

    “How can it be better! It’s just drinking and talking. All. Night. You and Adolin both don’t understand that this isnt something I enjoy!”

    “Right, because you enjoy this so much more. Lying in the shadow of your own darkness, paralysed by fear, awake past midnight?” Syl zipped down in a ribbon of light, joining him on the bed. 

    “Fine.” Kaladin grumbled, climbing to his feet. Syl smiled, but even that didn’t banish the exhaustion that left his limbs heavy and his eyes weary.


    Standing in front of a small polished mirror, Kaladin splashed cool water on his face, then slipped out of his nightclothes and back into his uniform. Adolinw was always encouraging him to buy some other clothes, something for the evenings after work, but so far Kaladin had refused. A soldier was who he was, and a unifom was what he wore. Besides, making himself get up at a time like this felt a bit like a battle. 


    Syl joined him, donning an interesting take on the stiff jacket. The top looked just like Kaladin’s, but it ended in tassels that splayed out all around her. 

    “Where’d you see that?” Kaladin asked. Syl usually based her clothing off of things that she observed.

    “I saw a drawing in Gereh’s room.” She said, spinning and letting the tassels fly around her.

    “Who?” Kaladin asked, but Syl was already gone, dancing around the room with a smile on her face. A smile that seemd a little forced. A little fake. Kaladin tried to push that thought away. Not everyone has to pretend to be happy. He reminded himself. Some people just are.


    When the pair walked out of the room and into the hallway, Kaladin had to admit that he already felt better. Not good. But better. The walk to Shallan’s rooms felt infinitely long. Even the short bursts of happiness inspired by Syl couldn’t keep him going through the long and winding hallways of Urithiru, which felt darker everyday. 


    Kaladin lifted his hand to knock on Shallan’s door. He still thought of the rooms as hers, even though it was Adolin who had invited him over. Shallan’s personality was something that took over the places where she lived. He knew that the room would smell like ink and look like an art museum had exploded over every surface. A noise sounded from inside the room, footsteps moving closer to the door.

    “Why do you lift your hand up to knock?” Syl inquired, taking full sized form next to Kaladin.

    “What?” he asked.

    “Why don’t you just knock like this?” She showed him with her hand hanging low, closer to her waist.

    “I… don’t know.” Kaladin shrugged. 


    The door swung open, revealing both Adolin and Shallan, ready to go. Well, Shallan was ready, and Adolin was still tying his shoes. Storms but the man looked silly tonight, with a green jacket that cut off way before it reached his waist, and a white ruffled shirt. Kaladin raised an eyebrow at Shallan, who just shrugged. 

    “Come on dear, we don’t want to make Kaladin wait any longer or he’ll fly away.” Shallan looked tired, her hair slightly out of place. She glowed softly as if she had just sucked in stormlight, and Kaladin wondered if she used it like he did, to keep him moving when he just wanted to collapse. 

    “Sorry.” Adolin said, standing up.


    Kaladin had to admit that the strange outfit worked on him. And it matched Shallan’s pale green havah, embroidered with vines that would go up towards her neck. They both looked good, and Kaladin felt a stab of jealousy, mixed with embarrassment about his navy uniform. 

    “Come on, bridgeboy.” Adolin said, smiling at Kaladin.


    Kaladin forgot whatever nonsense he had been thinking about. Adolin pushed past him and the three walked together down the stairs. Kaladin zoned out as they walked, half listening as Shallan quipped with Syl and Adolin laughed, a deep throaty laugh that sounded warm and soft. Shallan’s hair darkened and Veil turned towards Kaladin.

    “What about you?” She asked, unhooking her arm from Adolin and falling into step beside Kaladin.

    “What about me?” He asked, glancing towards Syl who reclined casually on Veils wide brimmed hat. When had she put a hat on?

    “How was your day? Adolin said you were protecting caravans heading to the warcamps.”

    “Yeah.” Kaladin replied gruffly.


    “And what?”

    “And how was it?”

    “Quiet. Easy.” Kaladin shrugged.

    “Oh.” Said Veil, sounding slightly disappointed.

    “I’m glad to hear it.” Said Radiant. “Bandits and robbers have been growing far too confident outside the safety of Urithiru.”


    Kaladin nodded in agreement, but sped up to position himself next to Adolin. He would never tell her, but he found Radiant a bit boring. Like some version of himself, always trying too hard. Always wearing a uniform. He sighed and undid the buttons of his jacket.

    “Good idea.” Said Adolin, slapping Kaladin on the shoulder. “It’ll make you seem more casual. Women like that.”

    Shallan coughed from behind the pair. “Don’t they?” Adolin asked, turning to face her for a moment.

    “Depends on the woman, I suppose.” Shallan replied. “Besides, Kaladin’s not looking for a woman. You’re still courting Lyn, aren’t you?”

    Kaladin nodded. “Where is she tonight?” Adolin inquired.

    “Her rooms, I guess.”

    “You didn’t invite her?” Shallan asked, hints of a smile creeping into her voice.

    “Was I supposed to?”

    “You’re hopeless.” Laughed Adolin, and Kaladin shrugged again, ignoring a pointed look from Syl.


    When the group reached the bar, Adolin pushed open the door without hesitation. He held it for Kaladin and Shallan, and then walked past them and went to find a table. Veil wandered to the bar to grab drinks, and Syl slipped off to inspect a Shin gentleman with blond hair sitting in the corner in a bright yellow cloak. Kaladin stood still for a second and found his mind pleasantly silent, as if the thoughts that often plagued him had retreated for a moment. An aftereffect of being around Shallan, he assumed. And just as they started to return, blessedly, Adolin appeared. 

    “Over here, bridgeboy!” 


    Kaladin joined Adolin at the table and Veil arrived soon after. For a moment they sat in silence, Veil downing an entire pewter mug of a dark wine. Kaladin sipped his own orange, tapping his foot against the stone floor. Veil glanced at Adolin, who nodded.

    “Kaladin, we wanted to talk to you.” Veil said. She sounded worried, which was strange. Veil didn’t get worried.

    “We’re worried about you.” Adolin put in, and Kaladin felt a sudden spike of anxiety. Not this again. 

    “Kaladin, you’ve been spending too muh time alone. I mean, being with Lyn is good, I’m sure it’s helping, but we’ve been wondering…” Shallan trailed off.

    “We were wondering if it might be a good idea to bring your family here.” Adolin continued. “I know that your father might be stubborn, but surely you can convince them. Shallan and I have to go. Shallan is planning to infiltrate the daughters of Honor. And we didn’t want for you… to be alone.”

Kaladin exhaled softly. “I’m never alone. I have Syl, and I don’t need to be watched.” He stood abruptly. “Thanks for the drink. I’m going to sleep.”


Sorry the formatting is weird it happens when I copy stuff from Google Docs.

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