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Can Windwhisperers see through Harmony's Mist?



We know that Tin Allomancers can see through the Mist better than they should due to Allomancy and the Mists both being of Preservation, so I'm wondering if Tin Feruchemists could do the same thing to Harmony's Mists in Era 2 due to Feruchemy and the new Mists both being of Harmony?

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No, specifically in era1 and I dont think it'll change in era2.  The allomantic version or tin is an overall Magic Sensory boost, and it will let you see in extreme low-light conditions or through the magic mists. But the Feruchemical version is a trade of blurriness for telescopic sight, but it cannot let you see anything (or see through anything) that you couldnt already.  I dont think a change in the Shardic mix of the mists would push Feruchemy across that line to seeing through magical things.

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