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Connection of Sunhearts to Canticle


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Do you think that people trying to take Sunhearts away from Canticle would encounter the same problem as Radiants trying to leave Roshar?

As in: the Sunhearts are so Connected to Canticle just like spren are so Connected to Roshar.

It's crearly a problem that's already solved in the space age of the Cosmere since we know that Radiants are not bound to Roshar by the way the scadrians asked Zellion if he took the Oaths (and because Hoid managed it' but he's special) .

I just wanted to pose the question.


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I'd think so. It's still Investiture. 
But the severity of this connection problem depends on how the Radiants managed to solve theirs. Like, do you just put whatever you want to transport into an aluminum box and all is well? Or did they need to fudge their connection specifically? If it's the latter, this could be a bigger problem.

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