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Simple Things

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Hey y'all. Thought that maybe there could be a topic where you just post simple things that bring you joy in life. Or big things if you want, but a place to write down reasons you can be happy. 

I'll start. Some simple things that make me happy are raindrops on roses the stars at night, my new puppy, sleeping outside, hearing others' experiences, and sitting by a warm fire on the beach surrounded by friends.

So. What are simple things that bring each of you happyness?

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1 hour ago, Wittles of Shinovar said:

Seeing my friends laugh at something I said or did. Even if I didn't mean it to be funny, it makes me feel a bit less of a burden on my friends.

Walking in silence with a friend

Oh, similar to that, watching people’s faces when they read or watch a show or even just look at a meme, then seeing a little dimple, a twitch of the mouth, a tilting of their eyes as they smile.

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1 hour ago, The Sibling said:

When you're choosing the music and someone turns it up because they like the song you chose.

Man, I tell you what

my friends are music snobs

one of them only listens to classic rock, and gulch I like a few songs but a ton of it I can’t stand 

there’s another one who has very specific and weird music 

but yeah, it is nice! It’s extra rewarding when I get that sometimes 

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6 hours ago, Experience said:

When you spend an entire day playing video games, and don't have to feel bad about it because you didn't have anything that had to get done today.

I literally did this today and it was awesome. Well mostly I watched my brothers play video games while I worked on my story,

So I guess mine is that I like spending a day writing and feeling like I accomplished something and relaxed at the same time. 

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