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Allomantic/Feruchemical feats


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Hello, friends! 


I frequent a debating website known as Factpile.com, where fictional characters are pitted against each other in battles to the death. There have been some Vin matches and one Steel Inquisitor match on there, but Sanderson's works haven't had much of a showing. I'm planning on donating some money to suggest a debate in the near future, and to show the world the strength of Mistborn, I'm going with the Lord Ruler.


However, I need feats. You see, Factpile likes hard facts from the text and WoGs from the authors. Because of the nature of Allomancy and Feruchemy, and the Lord Ruler's status as the most powerful Allomancer to ever show up in the books (so far), I can use feats from any Allomancer or Feruchemist to represent what he is capable of doing. But I'd like some help gathering them up. So, if you can recall a WoB about the capabilities of Allomancy/Feruchemy/Compounding, or remember a passage from the books, post it here with a source! :D


Thank you for any help, guys!


(Oh yeah, if anyone has any suggestions on who would be an extremely close match to the Lord Ruler in a fight, post them in here too. :D)


How Compounding works:


"Compounding is where you are able to kind of draw in more power than you should with feruchemy. What’s going on there is you’re actually charging a piece of metal, and then you are burning that metal as a feruchemical charge. What is happening is that the feruchemical charge overwrites the allomantic charge, and so you actually fuel feruchemy with allomancy, is what you are doing. Then if you just get out another piece of metal and store it in, since you’re not drawing the power from yourself, you’re cheating the system, you’re short-circuiting the system a little bit. So you can actually use the power that usually fuels allomancy, to fuel feruchemy, which you can then store in a metalmind, and basically build up these huge reservoirs of it. So what’s going on there is… imagine there’s like, an imprint, a wavelength, so to speak. A beat for an allomantic thing, that when you burn a metal, it says “ok, this is what power we give.” When it’s got that charge, it changes that beat and says, “now we get this power.” And you access a set of feruchemical power. That’s why compounding is so powerful."

TLR new about Chromium/Nicrosil:


"We asked some questions about the Lord Ruler, like if he knew about chromium and nicrosil. Brandon said he knew about those metals, and then also said "The Lord Ruler knew a lot of things that no one knows." All right then."

TLR base Allomantic strength is as strong/stronger than Elend with Duralumin:


"I continued to ask about the Lord Ruler and his Allomantic strength. There's an upper bound to the amount of power you can get from being a savant. Brandon said that, obviously, the Lord Ruler wasn't using duralumin and Elend could only get that powerful in Soothing using duralumin. He implied that there was a way to Compound to enhance Allomancy. (Note, we have discussed this on the forums a while back. This isn't news.)"

Duralumin + Atium explanation:

"Elend saw Preservation's ultimate plan, and Elend's own part in it. What he saw made him realize he didn't want to kill Marsh, and that his own death would actually help save the world. Like a master chess player, he suddenly saw and understand every possible move his enemy could make. He saw that Ruin was check-mated, because there was one thing that Ruin was not willing to do. Something that both Elend and Vin could do, if needed. And it's what they did."

TLR had Hemalurgic spikes/used them for more power:


"His arm bracers, which pierced his skin, were his spikes."

"He used Hemalurgy to pull off his most dramatic effects."

TLR was a Savant or nearly so in all metals:


"He lived long enough and used his metals enough (particularly Soothing) to become nearly a savant in every area, if not a full savant."

Doesn't really tell us anything, but TLR used Lerasium for.... SOMETHING:




The Lord Ruler, he had his Lerasium beads, did he use them for Feruchemy?

Brandon Sanderson

[impish grin] Ah ha ha ha. The Lord Ruler, heh heh heh, That is an excellent question."

Steel Feruchemy/Compounding Steel:


"You'd hit physical limits eventually. While the Metallurgic arts generally enhanced the body to deal with the powers granted, things like air resistance would hold you back—perhaps even kill you—if you weren't careful."

Mistborn page 626

"But then, he was there, moving with a speed as if to make the fury of a tornado's winds seem sluggish. Even within a full pewter flare, Vin couldn't outrun him. He seemed almost casual as he reached out, grabbing her shoulder and yanking her backward."

According to my calculations, a reasonable calc for Steel Compounders is that under ideal conditions they can run at around 110 mph. At speeds around and over 120 mph it becomes impossible to keep your feat underneath you.

Hero of Ages pages 32 and 33

"The Inquisitor moved with a sudden jolt of speed. Its form became a blur, and Elend swung only at empty air. Elend spun, shock showing on his face as the Inquisitor came up, wielding not an axe, but-oddly-a metal spike, like the ones in his own body but sleeker and longer. The creature raised the spike, moving inhumanly fast-faster even than any Allomancer should have managed."

Feruchemical Warmth is actually Warmth:


"It actually warms them. It’s not just a feeling."

TLR has perfect memory:


"We mention the Lord Ruler's flawless memory here. This is actually the only time in the entire series that it's mentioned."

Various Feruchemical gold feats:

Mistborn page 572

"The lead rebel bellowed in defiance, then rammed his spear through the Lord Ruler's chest.

The Lord Ruler just continued to walk, passing the soldier, spear sticking all the way through his body.

The rebel paused, then grabbed a spear from one of his friends and drove this one through the Lord Ruler's back. Again, the Lord Ruler ignored the men-as if they, and their weapons, were completely beneath his contempt."

Mistborn page 627

"You think this is the first time someone has tried to kill me, child? I've survived burnings and beheadings. I've been stabbed and sliced, crushed and dismembered. I was even flayed once, near the beginning."

Alloy of Law page 318/319
"Outside, the entire room shook. Inside, the train car lurched-

Smoke churned in the air; bits of stone and steel were scattered across the floor. Most of the lights had been knocked out by the explosion, and those that remained were swinging wildly, painting the room with bewildering shadows.

A ragged figure stood up on the side of the room, and Waxillium shot before he recognized Miles. The left side of his suit coat and shirt had been shredded, but he'd already regrown his flesh,"

Alloy of Law page 321

""Ouch," Wayne said rolling over and stretching out his leg, letting it heal from fracturing."

Alloy of Law page 330

"He had a brief glance of Miles yanking at the dynamite's blasting cap. The man was enveloped in a bright, powerful blast.

The explosion hurled Waxillium forward like a leaf before the wind.

A figure stood up in the railcar. Waxillium's vision was too blurry to make out much, but he knew it was Miles. His clothing had been shredded, much of it blown off his body, but he was whole. He'd set off dynamite in his hand in order to free himself from the nets."

Alloy of Law page 339/340

"he rested a shotgun on each shoulder. His face was bloodied, but he was smiling.

Without saying a word, he lowered the shotguns and blasted Miles in the side.

Shooting Miles was, of course, useless. The man could survive a dynamite blast at close range. He could take a few shotgun blasts."

Alloy of Law page 353

"Wax turned and fired first, hitting Miles's hand, dropping his gun to the ground.

Wax shot him in the mouth, driving him backward a step, throwing out chips of tooth.

"It won't last," Wax said, plugging Miles in the face again to try to keep him disoriented.

"Grab my hat if you get the chance," Wayne said, scrambling away as Wax shot Miles in the face again. This hit barely bothered him, and the half-naked man lurched forward.

Wax dashed forwards, throwing the empty gun at Miles, then fishing out a handful of bullets. He Pushed them toward the former lawman. One sliced him in the arm, one cut through his gut and came out the other side,"

Various Feruchemical pewter/Allomantic pewter feats:

Mistborn page 573

"He raised a casual arm, then backhanded Kelsier with a blow so powerful that Vin could hear the crack resound through the square.

Kelsier lurched and spin, spraying blood as he fell."

Mistborn page 612

"He said the man Rashek lifted a boulder and threw it out of their way."

"With that, he ripped the bars free."

"then slamming a massive palm against the door of his cell, breaking the lock, sending the door crashing open."

Mistborn page 625

"The Lord Ruler spun, slamming his elbow into Marsh's stomach, throwing the Inquisitor across the room."

Mistborn page 626

"He flung her like a doll, tossing her toward one of the room's massive support pillars."

Hero of Ages page 51

"Elend continued to Pull in both directions at once, feeling as if his body were being stretched between two horses. But, fortunately, he had the power of pewter to strengthen his body and keep it from ripping apart."

TLR lie detection abilities:

Mistborn page 603

"You cannot lie to the Lord Ruler, child," Kar said in a quiet, rasping voice. "He has lived for centuries, and has learned to use Allomancy like o mortal man. He can see things in the way your heart beats, and can read your emotions in your eyes. He can sense the moment when you lie. He knows...oh, yes. He knows."

TLR soothing:

Mistborn page 625

"The awesome, full power of the Lord Ruler's fury hit her halfway up. The depression, the anger-fueled asphyxiation of her soul, pushed through her copper, hitting her like a physical force." NOTE: Vin is using Allomantic copper at this time, she is nearly immobilized by this while her emotions are supposedly protected by Allomancy.

TLR Steelpushing:

Mistborn pages 625/626

"However, as she flew, the Lord raised his hand absently.

Vin felt a powerful...something crash into her. It felt like a Steelpush, slamming against the metals inside her stomach-but of course it couldn't have been that. Kelsier had promised that no Allomancer could affect metals that were inside of someone's body.

But he had also said that no Allomancer could affect the emotions of a person who was burning copper.

Discarded coins shot away from the Lord Ruler, streaking across the floor. The doors wrenched free from their mountings, shattering and breaking away from the room. Incredibly, bits of colored glass even quivered and slid away from the dais.

And Vin was tossed to the side, the metals in her stomach threatening to rip free from her body. She slammed to the ground, the blow knocking her nearly unconscious. She lay in a daze, addled, confused, able to think of only one thing.

Such power..."

"He slammed her with another of his powerful Pushes, blasting her backward. Metals in her stomach wrenched, glass quivered, and her mother's earring ripped free of her ear."

Mistborn page 628

"The Lord Ruler lifted a hand, and Vin suddenly felt an impossible weight press against her. Allomancy, Pushing the metals in her stomach and in her body, threatening to crush her back against the pillar."

Mistborn Annotations

"It is a matter of degree of power. Vin, for reasons I’ll explain eventually, has access to far more Allomantic power than regular people. The Lord Ruler is the same way, though for different reasons. And so, he can affect metals that are blocked by blood. Vin has to draw upon another, external source of power in order to produce the same effect, but it is possible for her."

Other character's feats with Allomantic steel (TLR can do ALL of these):

Alloy of Law page 348

"He used that weight to Push downward with everything he had. There were numerous lines of metal below. Nails. Doorknobs. Guns. Personal effects.

The building trembled, then undulated, then ripped apart as every nail in its frame was driven downward as if propelled by a rotary gun.There was an enormous crash. The building was crushed down into the railroad tunnel on top of which it had been built."

Tin Savant Feats

Hero of Ages page 155-156

"He could feel disturbances in the air, sense tremors in the floor, and could know where people were simply by how close their heartbeats sounded.

He was no Mistborn, but he was still very dangerous. He felt a soft wind, and knew a sword was swinging for him. He ducked. He felt a footstep on the ground, and knew someone was attacking from the side. He stepped away. It was almost like having Atium."

TLR made himself to be more powerful than other Allomancers



Brandon Sanderson

Excellent question. He did not use the bead. In all of this he granted himself basically, he rebuilt himself to be extremely powerful and he did not use one of the beads.
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Pushing against metals in other people body from the Vin vs. tLR + Wax flattening a building at the end of AoL = human salsa.

Atium of course + duralminium  bursting it for perfect understanding of what is going on/ consequences at the end HoA.

Kelsier´s metal storm at the ont of tFE.

Vin turning herself into a human canonball by combining Steel, Pewter and Duralminium in WoA.

Sazed hulking out in WoA and just smashing a Kandra with his weight in HoA.

Ripping someone soul appart by stabing them with metal in the right place.

Speed that´s almost short range teleportation, if we look at the Inquisitor in the beginning of HoA.

Perfect spacial awareness by combining Inquisitor metal sight with Wax´s Steel bubble.


Everything of this up to eleven with Feruchemical nicrosil compounding.


Edit: I think there is also WoB about tin compunders getting X-Ray vision.

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Might want to put in Vin's Duralumin fueled soothing , and TLR's soothing of an entire city, demoralize any enemy before they even face off.
Wayne's teleportation-time stopping awesomeness (Especially mixed with Steel Feru)

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He might not have had access to a lot of Bendalloy or Cadmium but I'm pretty sure there's WoB that he knew about them, I'll dig it up.
EDIT: Found it, but it mentions Nicrosil and Chromium not Bendalloy and Cadmium like I thought :(




We asked some questions about the Lord Ruler, like if he knew about chromium and nicrosil. Brandon said he knew about those metals, and then also said "The Lord Ruler knew a lot of things that no one knows." All right then.

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How long are you willing to wait? The Alloy of Law supplement for the Mistborn Adventure Game will be coming out in the next couple of weeks (it's already been sent to the printers). The rules within it will be non-canon, but it's possible something inside will remind some of us of other feats throughout the books.


Or might they accept partial-canon as hard facts? It's true that the game is endorsed by Mr. Sanderson, and I think I heard somewhere that feruchemical bendalloy originally only stored metabolic energy, but after the MAG determined you could also use it to store hydration, he added that to canon. Perhaps they'd be willing to accept things from the MAG that don't contradict canon.


A final thought, you may wish to mention TLR's abilities to survive hostile environments. He carries his own food and water in metalminds, he can store heat to survive blistering temperatures, he could prolly stay awake for months at this point, if he can arrange for the battle to be somewhere inhospitable to humans, he might be able to simply out-survive his opponent.

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Of note: he could Compound zinc and essentially think like a mentat from Dune (though this is not confirmed in canon, it's just a logical progression of the Ars Arcanum's description of Feruchemical zinc). He was able to tell if someone was lying just by looking at them - possibly he could monitor their face for subtle shifts in color, or use Allomantic tin/Feruchemical tin to hear heartbeats.


Allomantic atium is basically an "I win" button when you can move faster than the other guy can react. He had a few beads, I'm sure.


I'm still not convinced that Vin should have beat him. He could have Compounded speed and crushed her like a bug before she ever threw his metalminds away, or he could have Pulled them back to himself. I suppose he was just shocked. That's still no excuse for not having a backup atium toering.

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Actually had this conversation with my boss one day. Baring reality altering powers, I think (assuming TLR had access to ALL the metals), would be theoretically unbeatable. Basically it would go something like this:


Step 1: Put up speed bubble compounding it to get a ton of time to plan everything out

Step 2: Compound the luck stored in your feruchemal bands

Step 3: Compound electrum to see all the ways with your luck you will succeed and chose the most beneficial

Step 4: Drop the speed bubble, compounding speed feruchemally to do whatever way you selected from your electrum coupled with your luck still being compounded that you will surely succeed in said enterprise.

Step 5: profit. 


again this is assuming access to ALL the metals, and that the electrum shadow would still continue outside the speed bubble. I do not know enough to verify either of those, so this whole theory could be defunct. 

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  • 1 month later...

Let me revive this thread real quick. I'm adding more stuff to it and there's no point in making another thread.



(Theoretical)Max speed for Steel Twinborn.

Tin Savant feats from Spook.

Anybody want to help me calc a max speed for someone Compounding Steel and weighing 1000 pounds?

Scanning WoA and HoA for Sazed using Feruchemical pewter.


I want some opinions on this-Vin describes her Allomantic strength as of the end of HoA as being equivilant to Duralumin strength Flares (if I recall correctly). The Lord Ruler's Allomantic strength is stronger than her burning Duralumin. Does anyone think this means that TLR can perform the same feats as Vin as of the end of HoA? I'm conflicted on this.

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One person who I think might have a chance of beating TLR is Magneto. He can control metal and his helmet protects him from emotional allomancy(it's probably made of copper.)


But given that decapitations only annoy TLR, it's no sure thing.

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Actually Magneto would destroy TLR if he didn't get speedblitzed.

"Oh, you are trying to fight me? It appears you wear metal jewelry and have metal in your stomach. Let's take care of that." *RIP*


Atium can't help against an attack like Magneto's. There's no dodging, no blocking, you can try to get away, but Magneto has affected metal on the other side of the planet before. Magneto is the ultimate Anti-Allomancer.


Except maybe Kylar Stern. Kylar Stern is pretty OP against Allomancers as well, if the current Vin VS. Kylar match on Factpile is anything to go by.

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