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Hello good people of the 17th Shard!


So a few months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Mistborn. Since then I have read the entire first trilogy (plus annotations), The Alloy of Law, Warbreaker, and am currently about a tenth of the way through the Way of Kings and thoroughly enjoying every sentence.


One of the reasons I love Brandon's books is their ability to inspire such detailed conjecture and discussion. So naturally I was drawn here, and I have been reading through piles of threads since. But now I think it's about time I throw in my two boxings.


See you round.


- Sprocket


P.S. I'm still pretty new here, and don't often contribute to forums, so if there are any tips you think are worth passing on, feel free.  

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My main tip is ponies. Because ponies.

Oh, and as fun as the theory sections are, I have to recommend checking out the community side of things too. Whether it's discussing television, reading fiction, or the goofy RPG shenanigans... that stuff is very fun, and in my mind is part if the attraction here. Basically, my second main tip is just...get involved. Throw caution to the wind; you'll figure out how things work better by being in the middle of them.

Third tip is ponies. Because that is important enough for two mentions.

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Ponies, gotcha. 


I'll be sure to check all that stuff out, honestly the community stuff is something I don't know if I've even visited yet, but it sounds like lots of fun!


Thanks for the tips and for taking the time to respond  :)

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