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The insane randomness of a broken computer.

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By chance of luck, you have been trapped inside a computer. YOu stand atop a pile of one's and zero's wit code and programs flying around. You see that when code hits a app or website that are floating through the void, they go inside.

You feel a sense of urgency to escape the computer.

You see investiture flying around as the coppermind explodes, hit by the much larger but less awesome wikipedia, and you are able to pick up items from the void, try to get investiture and become surgebinders, misting or what have you, or do whatever you want.

The apps within reach are: google docs, 17th shard, and wikipedia.

the "ground" shakes as the computer shudders.

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4 hours ago, stormform wert said:

As you open this thread, you find yourself in an Identical computer, as you landed in my first post.

You can try to hack.

won't go well.

Geometry dash is destroyed as minecraft flies by, spewing spikes all around.


Minecraft has spikes? 

Deactivate wifi (insert evil laugh)

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