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New Sanderfan saying Hello


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Hello there! I'm ShyGuy and I just signed up here last night. I've been lurking for a while after learning about the overarching story of the cosmere and trying to research it further, and finally decided to sign up and post. 


I just want to say how awesome it is to be a part of such a devoted and passionate fandom, and how impressive it is to see the kind of dedication to bringing life to this universe by the fans. I've never found myself as part of a fandom and I'm proud to say that this is my first real experience with such things. 


The information here is amazing and has really opened up new levels of excitement to Brandon's stories for me, so for that I thank not only Mr. Sanderson, but all of the people that put in so much time and effort into this site.


Cosmere novels I've read:



The Mistborn Trilogy and Alloy of Law

Stormlight Archives 1 and 2


I'm picking up Elantris tonight and will continue to immerse myself into these awesome stories as they are published. These are the first real fantasy novels I've read and I'm glad I finally got myself into the genre. 


So with all that said, I'm gonna go read some more :)

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Just got back from vacation and saw all the replies here. Thanks for the welcome :)


I'm enjoying Elantris so far but it's true, it isn't as exciting as the others I've completed. I have a rough time getting through heavy political stuff so this one is slow going, but entertaining nonetheless. 


See you guys on the boards!

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