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Like... a coin magic system?? Or something??

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This is a magic system workshop thread. I guess the Creator's Corner is the best place for that? Idk. I usually just work on my magic systems alone anyways.


But basically: last night (as of me writing this), I had a whacko dream featuring   m a g i c. But it wasn't, like... a regular magic dream. It was kinda meta? In the sense that the magic system was from a book series that a friend of mine (I actually think it was @AonEne in this instance, which is... weird. I haven't heard from 'em in awhile) kept insisting I read.

And then what happened was the classic YA fantasy move of me getting magically warped to this world and being immersed in the magic, and... y'know? Imma be honest?

There was no explanation on what the magic system did or how it worked.


Which seems really bad for development but HEAR ME OUT - I HAVE SOME IDEAS. Basically, the magic was a kind of "collect-them-all" system featuring spells enchanted into coins of various materials (mostly gold and silver, but presumably there were some others in there too). And guess what - that's where the worldbuilding stopped. I had a catalogue full of what kinds of coins and spells and whatnot there were, but only had a handfull of the actual things myself. The dream also ended on some friends of mine showing off a magical treasure map to a yet undiscovered spell, which I guess could be cool for [re:potential RP]

So what are my ideas? If you've read/seen Hunter x Hunter then I can basically sum it up as "Greed Island," but if you haven't... then first of all get on that, but second of all this would very much play as a very pokemon/mtg/yu-gi-oh-esque kinda gig. Every coin/spell would do its own thing, so that the real power would come from using several in conjunction with each other to create powerful harmonies and whatnot.


and then that's it





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so like cardcaptor sakura sort of

I have some random ideas that you can ignore if ya want cause they might be dumb:


-powerful "coin wizards" could have their coins made into a sort of scale male armor, its like, cool magic armor you use to cast spells with

-infrared vision coins that are lenses of a pair of goggles, the drawback being that you can't see anything when you aren't using the magic

-nobles wearing coins with protective spells disguised as jewelry to parties in case they get attacked

-shifty man in an alleyway selling coins made of clay that don't work and smell weird


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I have an idea or two that you can have for free because I'm so generous. ;) 

This magic system gets way cooler to me if you turn the coins into an economy, with the same ramifications of an economy. Such as

Hear me out...


Maybe the spells get weaker the more people that have that specific coin? That way you can't just make more, and then the rarer coins are automatically more powerful and more valuable. Also you could center the actual spells that the coins cast around basic trades. You're sacrificing your wood to get coins (either from other people, or to actually create the coins yourself) then you're sacrificing your coin to get your wood back, conveniently when you need to block someone's path! (I know this is a clumsy example, but you get the idea. It could be a store/tap thing like metalminds, or it could just follow the basic principles of trading. But I'd just keep in mind that the purpose of money is to make trading easier. Instead of trading

Specific Thing = Specific Thing

you're trading 

Specific thing = $$$


(So maybe anything can get you spell coins if you have enough of it? Maybe you're trading with a god in another dimension, so you can be like "Yo, I'll serve you for 10 years if you give me some rare coins" and the God's like "Sure man" and so you go kill a bunch of people for the god then coins appear? Holy cow, there's so many directions you could go with this that (I find) very cool, so I beg you not to go the obvious directions that people have gone before. :) Best of luck to you, I hope you can have fun with this.

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