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The rules are fairly simple. At the beginning of each round, someone will name a category. That same person will name something within that category that starts with the letter A, the second person names something that starts with the letter B, third person with the letter C, and so on and so forth. If you can't think of something for a letter, you are allowed to skip. A total of five skips are allowed per round. One round is going all the way through the alphabet once. If a letter was skipped, You may choose to go back and post your answer starting with that letter at the end of the round, but it is not required. Once the round has been completed, the next person to post has the option to continue with the same category, as long as it's not overly specific (ex: car names from 1967). At this moment in time, the limit for round continuations will be two (a total of three rounds for the same category in a row). If you choose to continue a round, Please make sure to mention that in your post. Any time a round is continued, repeats may not be made. If someone accidentally repeats an item, please do not give them a hard time. If someone has already informed them that the item that they have posted has already been said, DO NOT make a post doing the same thing.

Categories will need to be vague enough for people to be able to name 1-3 things within that category for each letter (excluding the less-commonly used letters, such as X,Y, and Z, being as they are not as commonly used as some other letters)

Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything. If you have any questions or recommendations for rules and such, you can PM me.


A quick example of a partial round:


Person 1: The category is Things You Would Find Outdoors!

A - Ants

Person 2: B - Bugs

Person 3: C - Car

Person 4: D - a Dog

Alright, I'll start.

Category is... Household Items!

A - an Altoid can

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4 minutes ago, Szeth_Pancakes said:

Is that a household item? I mean it is for rich people i guess so



I'd say it it counts

Garage door opener


idk if that would count but oh well


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42 minutes ago, shortcake said:

... we did L already. Were you trying to connect it to the P in phone?

just in case, here's P

Pie pan

I legitimately thought for a second that L came after O :P

Quarter-cup measuring cup

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