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I've been considering a Stormlight Archive tattoo (and a Mistborn one, but for now Stormlight Archive) and am running into a problem when I think of what I want. Dalinar's Oathbringer quotes really resonate with me - you know the ones (rise a better man, most important step, I will do better). My first thoughts were to get the Bondsmith Glyph and then to put a line of text above and/or below it. I would probably go with the "Always the next step" part of that quote or "I will do better" as they encompass the soul of the whole quote to me without being too wordy. 


The problem? 


I don't really identify as a Bondsmith. When I think about the orders and which one I would fit into there are many options but Bondsmith isn't really one of the ones that come to mind so I'm not sure I want a Bondsmith glyph. The only other thing I can really think of would be the Kholin glyph but I'm not sure what other ideas are out there. Thoughts?

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Maybe hold out for a bit? We did just get another Bondsmith, and we know all three will be as different as their spren. 


"Bondsmith oaths are focused on unity, unification, and bringing others together. However, this is a loose theme, as there are so few Bondsmiths—and the three sources of their powers are so different in personality—that the oaths can end up taking a variety of different shapes, depending on the situation." 



Otherwise, we can play a bit of the Oath Game and see if one of the other options resonates with your vibe for this particular tattoo.  Start with "Why Not Bondsmith"?  If you like the Self-Betterment theme, that's right in the Elsecaller Wheelhouse. 




Brandon Sanderson


I will reach my potential

Elsecaller oaths are, like those of the Lightweavers or Skybreakers, themed toward the individual. In this case, the theme is progress—becoming better with each oath, seeking to explore their true potential and reach it. Because of this, the Order is open to many different types, so long as they want to improve themselves.

Thoughtful, careful, and cautious, the Elsecallers are generally regarded as the wisest of the Radiants. They seek self-improvement and personal betterment in their lives, but aren’t limited to one specific theme or set of Ideals. This makes them one of the most open and welcoming of orders, though they do tend to attract those who are less flamboyant. They have their share of scholars, and often a large number of theologians, but also attract those who are interested in leadership. They are good at encouraging others, but some are known to set their sights upon the things they want and then seize them. In the Knights Radiant, they tend to be among the best tacticians, and are logistical geniuses, aided in part by their abilities to create food and water for armies, but also their ability to move in and out of Shadesmar.

The Ten Orders of Knights Radiant (June 9, 2020)


EDIT:  Or you can move on from the Order symbols entirely.  Maybe go for your own Glyph set, also statements in Vorin script are popular, or Ive even seen some pretty elaborate color scene tattoos.    

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If you wanted to do a Dalinar quote you could do just the radiant symbol in general. If I were you I would do the glyph for Roshar. It's pretty cool and it definitely relates to Dalinar while also relating to all the other orders and even the Fused. It basically just shows that you like the world as a whole, not just the character/order of the quote that you chose. 

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