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Transitive property of ineptitude


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10 hours ago, Wyndle88 said:

In TotES, Wit explains how it takes true competence to feign spectacular incompetence and how that is the explanation for anything he ever does wrong.

Does that include the epilogue of RoW I wonder?

No, I don't believe that Hoid was prepared for that. Hoid was genuinely surprised and frightened by Odium not being held by Rayse and got outsmarted. But the damage done to Hoid's Breaths can be seen and was seen by Hoid during that time, he just hasn't connected the dots yet.


Was Rayse growing more thoughtful? Wit didn’t need to worry, did he? After all this, Odium would be safely imprisoned, no matter what happened. There was no way out....
Unless ...
Wit’s breath caught, but then he forced himself to keep whistling and walking.
A power slammed into him from behind. A golden energy, infinite and deadly. Wit’s eyes went wide, and he gasped, sensing something horribly wrong about that power.


For the first time in a long, long while, Wit felt true terror. If Odium destroyed the Breaths that held his memories ...




Memory is tied to some level or portion of Spiritual Identity, or else Feruchemists would not be able to store it. So, Hoid lost memories at the end of Rhythm of War in his exchange with Odium. Would that mean part of his soul was stolen and then absorbed into Odium, and if so, what is stopping Odium from doing that with all of his enemies?

Brandon Sanderson

Basically, what Odium split off is stuff that Hoid is storing in excess Investiture. (Basically, it was Breaths, in Hoid’s case.) And this sort of thing, where this extra memory… One of the reasons that Hoid is able to function better than, perhaps, some other very long-lived individuals is: he has found out how to keep some of this Identity in, shall we say, SD cards made of Investiture. Imagine that sort of thing. So what Odium was stealing from Hoid was straight out of an SD card. Which means that it’s not nearly as deeply ripping into someone’s soul, and it is also not nearly as noticeable.

But the other thing is: Hoid is directly in violation of certain agreements that have been made, which therefore exposes him to… He is lacking protections. As you’ll notice in the end of Book Three, where he’s like, “I need to be careful, because I am in violation.”

And so, there’s a couple things going on here. Number one, much more easy to access those memories. Number two, Hoid’s in direct violation and under no protections of any sorts of agreements and things like this.

Dragonsteel 2022 (Nov. 14, 2022)



Paulo Henrique

Did Odium destroy some of Wit's Breath, or did he mess with it in some other way?

Brandon Sanderson

What Odium did to Wit could be noticed. There is something missing there. It left an imprint, something noticeable, and he did actually remove and excise a little bit of Breath.

YouTube Spoiler Stream 1 (Dec. 17, 2020)


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