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Hi Everyone!


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I am Eskridge. I have read only one of Brandon Sanderson's novels: The Rithmatist, but he is such a good writer I look forward to reading many more of his books. I am a total bookworm, and if you take me to a bookstore you'd better be ready to carry an enormous pile of novels! ;)  


My username is named after one of the defences in The Rithmatist called the Eskridge Defence. It is one of my favourites because it is ideal for a good balance of attack and defence especially against the Ballantain.


I am so happy to have joined 17th Shard and I can't wait to get involved in the forums. 


Hope to see you soon,

Eskridge  :D

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Hello there! Welcome to the 17th realm. Take an upvote. Can I just go ahead and recommend the mistborn books be your next things on your reading list. It's the best trilogy there is, and it'll help you get into more of the forums without spoilers and stuff.

"Queen Elsa, we've got another non-cosmere fan for you!"

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Welcome!  A wonderful world await you in other Sanderson novels!  I would agree with Leftinch that the Mistborn trilogy is a good introduction to the Cosmere.  Did you have any book in particular you were planning on reading next?

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