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Out of curiousity, how long?

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So, way back when, in this article, it was said that announcements were likely in the coming months.

I'm curious, what does everyone think that means? I'm scared, but hopeful.

EDIT: Okay, I'm not actually seeing anything like I said in the article. I still think I still read it somewhere. And also, I saw an image I didn't put there in the bar. Not sure what it is, but am scared to take a closer look.

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I remembered this as well and found this WoB form a live stream back in August. So clearly "few months" was optimistic. I was sure we would see something in the State of Sanderson. Hopefully "soon". 





Brandon Sanderson

These [film studio proposals] are not sure things; nothing is a sure thing in Hollywood. But I would be surprised if we aren't on set doing things [for an adaptation] in this time next year. I would be shocked if we aren't.

Expect, in the next few months, some announcements that you might find exciting. I'm gonna let the people with whom I'm working handle that, because they like to do PR their way.

YouTube Livestream 49 (Aug. 4, 2022)




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