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why are the bonsmiths so powerful

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6 minutes ago, EthanTheFeruchemist said:

what exactly makes the bondsmiths so powerful compared to other radients. people seem to think that they are the most powerful group but what about surges like transformation or division. flight? why are they considered so powerful

They have the ability to modify Connections, which could potentially grant them more powers, allow them to remove powers from others, or to edit things almost like Shardic Vessels do.

They also have access to more raw Investiture than any other order, though they seem to need a Perpendicularity to open for any practical use with it.

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All people have a spirit web, which contains a bunch of Connections to places, people, powers, ideas and time. Bondsmith can directly see and manipulate those Connections. This is very dangerous as Bondsmith can not only steal those Connections and apply them to himself, thus granting him powers, but create new ones and bind you to something you don't want to.

Did your read RoW?


Ishar overwhelmed Windrunners by creating connection between them and ground, forcing their spirit to think they are part of the ground. Then he attempted to steal Dalinar's connection to Stormfather (which gives him powers and makes him a Bondsmith) and his champion connection to Odium. This shows us that a capable Bondsmith can mold his opponents to his will. Ishar was also the one who created the Oathpact that binded Fused and Odium, the Shard, to Braize. Bondsmiths have the power to bind a Shard in some way, which is the only known example in the whole Cosmere.



Ishar, when fighting Dalinar, showed similar powers to Hemalurgy (stealing the Nahel Bond). Could an unchained Bondsmith steal other stuff from a person? Strength, Breaths, ability to use Allomancy, etc.

Brandon Sanderson

Among those are things that they could steal.

YouTube Spoiler Stream 3 (Dec. 16, 2021)

And Brandon himself told us that Bondsmith unbound is one of the most dangerous things in Cosmere:


Scott Beckman (paraphrased)

Which is scarier... Which is more dangerous: a sword that wants to destroy evil, or a Bondsmith with no bounds?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

A Bondsmith with no bounds.

Scott Beckman (paraphrased)

Can an unbound Bondsmith take that sword's... ability for himself?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

Not exactly, but something similar. Probably not what you're thinking, but he could essentially take what that sword is, yes.

Miscellaneous 2022 (Sept. 17, 2022)



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