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Frustration's Firepower Index: Edgedancers


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Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, a collection of threads where I compare and rank various Cosmere world's and magic systems. This thread will focus on the Edgedancers.


Preparation: Be a Warform singer, and a fifth Oath Edgedanncer. Say the fourth oath near Lasting Integrety where your plate will be made from the larger lifespren that live there(Assuming lifespren make Edgedanncer plate) (RoW Page 859 chapter 75). Next collect seeds from vinebuds from the shattered plains (https://coppermind.net/wiki/Words_of_Radiance/Interior_art#/media/File:Chasmlife.jpeg) and some rockbud seeds( OB page 701 says they grow as large as an Alethi man's waist and have vines as thick as Dalinar's wrist. Don't have the chapter number). And seeds from some smaller rockbud varieties.


Then given that evolution happens faster in the cosmere



Do the Purelakers get pruney feet because of the water? If not, is it because they have special feet or does it have to do with the magic fish?

Brandon Sanderson

They have adapted over time and they do not have magic feet. They have special feet, but they have adapted over time to the situation. Now, let's make the note that most natural selection does not work on the timescale of the cosmere and so there probably have to be some magical foundations for this. The fact that everyone on Roshar is Invested with a bit of Investiture more than average is going to push people over time in a way. Kind of the rationale I give myself on this is because Intent and these sorts of things are so important cosmerelogically that we get evolution on a faster scale in most of the cosmere. And so you can see this just by adaptations that have happened since the history of Roshar itself and the arrival of humans on Roshar and things like that.




Selectively breed the plants to grow around things they touch, rather than recoiling from them. Next select the vinebuds and large rockbuds to will wrap around something and constrict, the vinebud grip will be rather tight given the elasticity that Shallan mentioned. The smaller rockbuds will be selectively bred to dig into living flesh and bone instead of the stone they normally do, and to extend their vines to grab on to others. Additionally carry a Shardbow with aluminum arrows.


Offenses: Shardplate grants increadible strength, adding to Warforms already impressive physical might. Shardblades can cut through almost anything, and can form any needed weapon or tool. Shardbows can fire increadibly high powered projectiles, who's aluminum nature allows them to get through several forms of invested defenses. Additionally the smaller rockbuds that are grown to dig into flesh can be quite deadly if they hit a target.


Defenses: Shardplate protects the wearer, giving them increadible durability, and resistance to most forms of damage. Additionally with Abrasion they can cause their opponents weapons to slide off of them. Additionally with Stormlight they can heal from most forms of damage, which is boosted by their access to regrowth. And if they desired they could use vines to block projectiles, or other attacks.


Mobility: With Abrasion Edgedanncers can increase in speed, without reguard for air resistance, or friction. And with shardblades they can cut their way through most physical barriers, and they can use vinebuds to move themselves up and down steep inclines.


Stealth: Plate can be commanded to hide its glow, and spren can investigate places invisibly unless the dust they leave behind is noticed, but when using their powers they are highly visible. However they can use plants and foliage to hide themselves.


Awareness: Spren can search places invisibly while also overhearing conversations, and being able to detect vibrations on the floor to tell when people are coming(WoR 690, Lifts Interlude). 


Extra abilities: Progression allows them to grow any plant that their light touches in the way that they want(WoR 686, Lift's interlude), they can throw a handfull of the seeds described above at an opponent, and then grow them into a massive net, that constricts upon, and imobilizes their target, while they move towards them unecombered due to Abrasion.


As always what do you think? Did I miss anything? And what should I work on next?

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1 hour ago, lacrossedeamon said:

Might as well add some veins of silver to your aluminum arrows as well to deal with aetherbinding creations 

I think it would be better to have separate arrows in that case. As silver is detectable with invested means.

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