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Aethers in TLM and aviars (spoilers for SP#1)[Discuss]


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Let's talk about aethers. Aethers raise a fundamental question by existing. Why do you want aviars so badly? They may give you more abilities, but fundamentally a small bud in your skin is just more convinient in everyday life. It seems to me that TLM explains that. The aviar comes without a connection to a superbeing whose interests and standards may conflict with yours. But I am going out on a limb and speculate why Hoid is in SP#1. The planet is a source of unbound aether buds due to a group of core aethers having gone insane and rogue.

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Yeah, that's a big part of Aethers. (stormlight archive spoilers)


Brandon's said that's the distinction he intends between Aether bond and spren bonds. Radiants each bond their own individual spren to get powers even if there are multiple people with the same TYPE of spren. Whereas everyone who bonds an aether of a particular type is literally bonding to the same entity.

it's going to lead to a very different relationship between the person and their magic system. The person needs their aether bond much more than the aether needs each individual person/(minion).


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