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Cognitive Aspects in Sel


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Not traveling to the Cognitive Realm, but the Cognitive Aspects while in the Physical. How do they exist in the CR, with the Dor being a pressurized Investiture tempest and whatnot? Doesn't it affect people on Sel at all?

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Lets see.  We know the storm causes Time Dilation.  It definitely affects the way the people interact with Investiture, but it also might not interfere with traditionally Spiritual things like the basic Investiture of Life that Feruchemy can divert and store. It might give the population a slightly elevated base-level of Investiture in the same way the Highstorm does for Rosharans.  I suspect the Cognitive aspect expression will have adapted to coexist with the Dor; combining the other two examples we have, they could appear as plasma-forms like the Scadrial Misty forms but made from something like Rosharan Flames. 

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I would also imagine that, if Seons are Splinters in the same (or similar) manner that Spren are Splinters; then the Dor filling the Selish Shadesmar may be the root cause so many (all?) Seons are in the Physical Realm instead of Shadesmar. In fact, it may be why they can be in the Physcial Realm more fully than even a bonded Spren (and the Bonds they form with their chosen mortal may be a Selish Variant of the Nahel Bond, further allowing their PR presense). 

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