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God metals

Wits instant noodles


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9 hours ago, Wits instant noodles said:

Do we know what the different god metals do when burned?

Are there any books/series you have not yet read? If not - you could easily see all known information on the Coppermind page

Harmonium (Ettmetal) has no known uses yet because nobody could survive trying to ingest it.

Otherwise, the Allomantic effects of the other Godmetals are unknown.

7 hours ago, Dunkum said:

We only know Atium and Lerasium at this point, and i think there is a WoB to the effect that the "Atium" we are familiar with is not properly Atium at all, sinc true Atium would be able to be burned by anyone

Yes, the metal they knew in Era 1 as Atium was a Atium slightly tainted by Electrum. WoBs: (edited)



Brandon has said that everyone ought to be able to burn Atium, like they can all burn Lerasium, and the fact that they can't was an oversight on his part that he would've done different in hindsight.

Maybe now he's had an in-universe reason to re-write the laws of allomancy it's back to his intended concept; Mistborn burn all 16 base metals, mistings burn one base metal, non-allomancers can only burn godmetal.

Peter Ahlstrom

My explanation for this is that Preservation somehow caused all naturally occurring atium to form as an alloy of atium and electrum. The atium Mistings were actually electrum Mistings.


Primary question: Peter recently said something about atium in Era 1 actually being an atium-electrum alloy. Is this accurate?

Brandon Sanderson

This is accurate, yes.

So, we know that Preservation messed with the 16 metals as part of his long con to Preserve Scadrial. Cadmium and Bendalloy were replaced with Atium and Malatium (which allowed Allomancers to burn off Ruin's power), and Harmony fixed that when remaking the world. True Godmetals would be burnable by anybody (like Lerasium).

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No shard metal's effects are known other than atrium/lerasium hemalurgically, and kind off trillium hemalurgically (haven't read TLM yet, supposed to learn more there).

This is in part because the atium spikes used were refined, and in part from the Hemalurgy Table. Also, it has been confirmed that the Mistborn making qualities of lerasium are a side effect, rather than what it does allomantically.

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