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Koloss representation


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Era two of the mistborn novels has now come to it's conclusion. 

And something that really bugs me is how little we learn about the modern koloss ( including allomancer Jaks story)

I was surprised to learn that the kolos had survived the catacendre in AoL. 

I feel like we learn the new place of many of the old things of era 1. The Kandra, Marsh, Kelsier the Terris etc.

But the koloss(blooded) are only represented by background characters. And the biggest of them, Tarson, is a bulky brutal man. He'd seem  like a offensive caricature tbh. if the kolos were real.

I find it sad because their culture and PoV sounds like it would make for interesting worldbuilding and interesting themes for characters to explore.

How would it feel to grow up among people who look like monsters? What would it be like to leave them?

In general the roughs, are are falling short in general. 

The books kind of support the notion that everything important happens in Elendel and nobody really cares about the roughs and it's people. 


I really hope we see more of both in future books.

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There was also a mention of an old Koloss-blooded woman in one of the Roughs towns, though just a mention and so it doesn't add much! I agree that information on the Koloss were very thin in the era 2 books, and I felt that they were even more one-dimensional than they were in era 1.

Though at the same time there weren't any plotlines that intersected with full Koloss or their communities and so it would be odd to give a lot of focus to them. We hear a little bit about Koloss communities which suggests that they are still violent-tempered and very strong, but that they also fit into society largely through their establishing their own communities. Tarson seems like exactly the kind of person that a violent gang would be happy to take on, and one who would do well in that environment.

I, too, would like to see more of the Koloss in the future. But only if the story makes use of them. I don't generally like irrelevant detail just for the sake of completeness on everything that came before-- a situation which the Cosmere books have particular risk of reaching. I think that the Koloss are a difficult group to use, narratively, in anything other than a shallow way. I'd rather get less detail than more if the "more" is largely junk that detracts from a story instead of adding to it.

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I think with Era 2, we always need to keep in mind that this is effectively an infill story. 

The original outline didn’t account for the Era 2 timeline, and Era 3 & 4 could have a number of Koloss / Koloss blooded people as main characters. 

If the SWAT team plan is still in place for Era 3 then one or more of the members may be Koloss / Koloss blooded. 

We were left hanging a little after Era 2 on a lot of plot points, but it makes sense when you put it in the context of an addition to the original outline. 

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30 minutes ago, King-A-Train said:

I think with Era 2, we always need to keep in mind that this is effectively an infill story. 

Yes, but exactly because of that, it could have included some exploration/ discovery plots, but sadly didn't. So much of Scadrial is still unknown! In the 3rd era the world will be already known and this opportunity lost. Oh, well. 

Hopefully, the Nicki Savage story by Isaac Stewart pans out, it could scratch some of that itch for me...

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