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Whid did Sazed lie to Kelsier?


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In chapter 71 of TLM, Harmony gives Wayne "the faintest bit of lerasium", Preservation's godmetal that granted Allomantic access to all metals. Harmony said that Wax created it while trying to split harmonium with trellium. Then, later on, in Kelsier's Epilogue, he says that lerasium is all annihilated in the explosion between those two godmetals. 

Hence, the question: Why did Harmony lie to Kelsier?

My theory on this: Harmony represents equilibrium and stillness, not change, right? Then telling Kelsier about this new discovery (harmonium can be split and lerasium can be created) would mean that he would soon be producing lerasium (even though just in little quantities, as Autonomy has retreated from Scadrial and the trellium (bavadinum) available is scarce), a fact that would bring obvious change to the world. 

Let me put this in other words: Harmony telling Kelsier about lerasium equals acting towards change, and that's why god didn't say a word about it

It's kind of a weak theory, too simple if you ask me, but it fits. 

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?

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17 hours ago, Szeth_Pancakes said:

I think Saze lied because he didn't want Kelsier specifically to have a means of generating lerasium. Kelsier wouldn't use it for good and Harmony knows that. It's also probably about his policy of noninterference. I don't think there's more to it than that.

Agreed.  Kelsier would either use it to build an army of Mistborn or just turn everyone on Scadrial into Mistborn.  Either way, that much power is dangerous. I think he was correct to conceal that information.

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