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Quantifying Investiture


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I was reading the Coppermind and I saw that Brandon put the term Fabrial in Stormlight to classify any magical device. My question is do you all think there will be a standard unit of Investiture and what would it be?

I'm partial to the idea of it being how quickly it takes for it to invest White Sand and the unit of measurement will be in "Grains." But I'm curious what other people think of the idea.

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Brandon in the past has tried to quantify investiture. He hired a bunch smart people and had a whole project where they tried to find exact amounts of investiture in different magic systems and measurements. What they found out is that is would be basically impossible to do this, and it would put too much of a limit on Brandon to try and stay consistent across the cosmere with exact amounts of investiture. 

So even though it would be very cool to quantify investiture, it is unlikely that it will ever happen.

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