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What order are YOU?

S. Stormy

What order are YOU?  

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  1. 1. What order of Knight Radiant are you?

    • Windrunner
    • Lightweaver
    • Bondsmith
    • Skybreaker
    • Willshaper
    • Dustbringer
    • Stoneward
    • Edgedancer
    • Elsecaller
    • Truthwatcher

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No idea which Order I belong to! When I took the quiz a couple weeks ago I think I got Edgedancer (possibly Elsecaller), which didn't really seem to fit me. Took it again yesterday and got Windrunner, which I'm fine with because that is probably the one I'd choose as I have a deep desire to protect people (and flying!). Of course, I just took the quiz again and got Lightweaver so uhhh my personality apparently shifts on a daily basis I dunno.

This same thing happened when I took the Pottermore House test. First I got Gryffindor, then took the test three more times and got each of the other houses as well. So on my fifth attempt I ended up with Gryffindor again and decided to go with it.

So I guess I'mma just stick with Windrunner here. Sadly have to accept the fact that I'm just basic lol

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I always get either Truthwatcher or Edgedancer, but I would say while there’s definitely some attributes of Edgedancer that fit well, I fit with every characteristic of a Truthwatcher.

Although it’s always a difference of less than 5%, so maybe I’m just powerful and have two bonds.

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22 hours ago, Ranryu said:

I'm a dustbringer. How do you guys get windrunner? It's always the lowest score for me. :P

Because some people just pick the main character, not necessarily the closest to them. This means that we get some extra. Maybe they're like squires. (Not me, I genuinely fit)

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I'm a Willshaper through and through. It's a shame we don't get to see more of them in the books, though I really identify with Venli when she is in the Tower trying to free her friends.

I truly believe that all people should be free to make their own decisions and choose their own course in life. For a lot of my life, I wasn't really given a choice on gender or sexuality stuff so I really see the value in each person having the freedom to make the decision they need to make. The actual Willshaper oaths we've seen sworn on screen are a bit more focused on physical imprisonment but I interpret them as more personal freedom and bodily autonomy-type stuff


All of y'all are solely relying on the radiant quiz to tell you what order you are in. That's dumb imo. These oaths are about your own personal journey and finding the best way you can move forward. Yes, in the books it is decided for you what order you are, but the spren use a much more comprehensive test than moving a few sliders based on vague incomplete ideals. Read through the Orders and their Ideals and decide for yourself what order fits you best. 

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