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End of WoK (obviously, there are spoilers)

Immortal Platypus

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4 hours ago, ImportantQuestions said:

Was the Shardblade Taln appeared with a normal Shardblade or was it his Honorblade that he retrieved or took to Braize?

4 hours ago, Returned said:

It was his Honorblade.

Don't forget the Epilogue is also a callback to the Prologue:


Kalak watched Jezrien depart across the burned landscape. Finally, he summoned his own Blade and slammed it into the stone beside the other eight. He turned and walked in the direction opposite from Jezrien.

And yet, he could not help glancing back at the ring of swords and the single open spot. The place where the tenth sword should have gone.

The one of them who was lost. The one they had abandoned.


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