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Favorite Details of Implications of Cosmere Magic


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One of my favorite things about the Cosmere is that the magic systems are thought-out enough for realistic implications of the magic itself to come up, and Brandon is attentive enough to point them out when they happen. Things like Wax gaining velocity when Pushing through the air and then decreasing his weight.

My favorite of these sorts of details is shown during Vin's first pewter drag, when Kelsier is very serious about making her drink a ridiculous amount of water. The magic of Allomantic pewter does most of the work of keeping her body going during extreme stress as she sprints for hours and hours on end, but when that stops the lack of water in her could easily kill her and so she has to prepare for that. I like it because it makes it plain that the magic is just a tool. An impressive, powerful one, but not a solves-all-problems-because-it's-magic sort of thing.

That got me wondering: what are others' favorite realistic details/implications and extensions of Cosmere magics?

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