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Any Italians on the Shard? (and, no Brandon in Italy)


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I'm curious if there are any other Italians here on the Shard.

In my experience, never met anybody who knows who Brandon is around here (unless I'm the one who told them about it:lol:)
You can hardly find his books in bookstores actually, I kinda look for them as a challenge when I get a chance to walk around a book store.

So any italians out there?

Is the situation similiar in other countries?

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1 hour ago, That1Cellist said:

You might be on your own. Wouldn't that be sad?

Even sadder, the one person in my group of friends who likes to read and got into Sanderson... lives in Spain...

Such lonelyness :P

39 minutes ago, Quantus said:

wow I was not aware of that whole mess. 
Honestly given how the translated the word "Stormlight" in italian (folgoluce) it's probably for the best if they don't translate them:lol:

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