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Hello, 17th Shard! I have an idea. A very bad idea. I want to make MTG cards based on Stormlight. Unfortunately, I can't do art. If only there was a Sanderson forum website with a positive, supportive community and tons of awesome artists...

Oh, wait.

So yeah! I'll be using a website called Cardsmith to make the cards, and I need art. If you want to submit a piece, I will credit you with your username, or something else if prefer. I need art for:

Most of the major characters.

Random soldiers.

Rosharan animals.

Major moments in SA.

I would be really thankful for art. This probably won't work, but it seems fun to try. And hey, Journey before Destination!

Thank you so much,

- NerdyAarakocra

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9 hours ago, Channelknight Fadran said:

I like doing art...

...but I've never played MTG

That's fine! I just need art to make the cards. If you want me to explain what things do once I post cards, I can do that.

I think that I'm supposed to promote MTG here, but that seems kinda crass, so I won't.

5 hours ago, Mystic Syn said:

I have heard thy summons.

What is thy wish, my child?

ART. I need Stormlight themed art. 


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