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Can Ettmetal work on all Magic?



Ettmetal is the Godmetal of Harmony from Mistborn Era 2, it explodes upon contact with liquids so trying to use it for Allomancy or Hemalurgy is pointless at best.

However it has a unique property: when someone nearby uses one of the Metallic Arts, a Ettmetal can copy it and use it.

For if a Pulser Burns cadmium and channels it into Ettmetal the metal will create it's own Slow-Bubble, making cadmium have a use in combat.

I'm wondering if it can use any other abilities like Surgebinding?

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Could primer cubes be used to store powers besides the Scadrial ones, such as Surgebinding?

Brandon Sanderson

This is theoretically possible. So much fun to have in the space age, that I'm not gonna let you have yet. You have one more Mistborn book, one more Stormlight book, three more Mistborn books, and then five more Stormlight books before I'm gonna let you have that fun. Keep theorizing.

YouTube Spoiler Stream 4 (June 16, 2022)


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