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Theory: Urithiru’s future (spoilers)


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Spoilers for SLA and secret projects in this theory!




I just wrapped up Rhythm of War again, my first read after the sample chapters from the secret projects. It has me thinking about the technology progression on Rothar. 

Urithiru is already one of the most technically advanced construction in the Cosmere, and I assume it will continue to evolve as Navani and the Sibling come up with new fabrials to add to the system.

I am hoping we see a couple developments with Urithiru. First, an ability to teleport itself around Roshar so that armies can move without requiring to marshall out on the path gates. Then eventually Urithiru becoming a cosmere traveling “mothership”, teleporting between planets and potentially even being deployed in space. The sibling can already create pressure and atmosphere, why not artificial gravity as well?

I am so ready for Urithiru to elsecall itself into LOE over a planet and have Radiants halo jump to battle!


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I've been assuming for a while that, eventually, urithiru will be some kind of space city. It already has its own self-contained atmosphere and pressure, it's able to be entirely self-sufficient, it has teleporters, and it has the sibling to act as The Computer that runs everything. It has everything it needs from both a logistical standpoint and from a sci-fi tropes standpoint.

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2 hours ago, FlowerGirl said:

This makes me wonder just what defense urithiru has built in. Laser blasting fabrials maybe? Idk, but I hope we get to see in future books.

There is a WoB or two that indicate light weavers would be able to create lasers given appropriate understanding and training, so laser fabrials absolutely should be possible too. I doubt that's something it's equipped with at the moment, but I'm confident it will exist in space-age cosmere

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