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Random thought but just reading the Edgedancer book and I’m upto the bit where Lift uses some of her ‘awesomeness’ to get the tree next to her to change and obscure a window and wrap vines around her. Does anyone else think this is similar to how Vasher uses breath in Warbringer? She is already a bit different as needs to consume to get her power and she can’t seem to remember things (which is also similar to the returned). Thoughts???

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I think it's just the normal Growth use of the Progression Surge that ages plants (and possibly animals, we dont really know yet) at fast rates and can apparently shape them as they go.  But I didnt get any indication she can make them animate or swing around or anything like awakening, just grow in specific directions and shapes.

The only vine weirdness that I recall as being definitively unique is that she can touch Wyndle so she can climb the vines his invisible manifestations leave behind.  

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