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HWIN's art thread. Currently taking map requests

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Hi! I enjoy, and over the past few years have gotten decent at art. I am mostly self taught. And most of that teaching has come in the form of classroom doodles. I had a fantastic drawing of the main mistborn characters but I lost it in some schoolwork folder. Might post it if I find it. I can do pencil and paper drawings OK though most of my skill lies in drawing maps. Dragons are a specialty though as they have always been a passion of mine. (I loved stories about knights and dragons as a little kid, and always wanted to draw them. I will take requests though I wouldnt count on skill. If you need a map of a world that you have come up with, or just a generic fantasy map then im your guy. I have always looked up to the styles of N.C Wyeth and Howard Pyle. (the kind of woodcarved printings that you find in old books about knights). Below is a grainy photo of a sketch i did of Kaladn and Shallan in the chasms, kaladin is the one fighting the chasmfeind while shallan watches) I will ink it over soon



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