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Found 14 results

  1. This a little would you rather. Seeing Twinborn and Fullborn made me wonder about the in between area: a Feruchemist with one Misting ability or a Mistborn with one Ferring ability. Even if they can’t be naturally born, lerasium would probably work on the right subjects and Hemalurgic definitely would. Which made me curious : what could you do with the full lineup and a metal to Compound? So I ask you, which would you rather be and why? Which metal would you Compound? For the purposes of this question, no Hemalurgic spikes will be used: just Lerasium on a natural Ferring/Feruchemist but at the lower power level.
  2. Ok so I’m up late thinking and I recently just started playing a video game called Valorant. It’s pretty fun but there is a bunch of character roles that help the 5v5 team plant a bomb or diffuse the bomb. So each character has a kit of abilities and I was just thinking how cool a mistborn version would be. You could have like Lurchers and Coinshots that fight or have Thugs. And then you could have a Nicroburst that boosts abilities or a Leecher that would drain people of their alloymancy. You could have seekers have some sort of small X-ray vision ability for people burning metals. Copper clouds could hide that from seekers and like make footsteps around them not make noise. You could have those tempreal metal burners in the game too. I bet we could even implement Lerasium as like ult orbs to charge a mistborn ult ability. You could have Oracals make like a clone to send out that you control but has 0 health. Augurs could like see where an enemy used to be as a kind of trail. You could even use feruchemy. A Steelrunner could store speed and then tap it to be super fast. A blood maker could heal themselves my storing heath they take from opponents by attacking and maybe heal other teammates. Spinners could like see where people are on the map for a limited time. Windwhisper is basically a tineye and a Brute is like a thug. in the buy phase you could like buy metal minds to fill with properties and you could buy metal vials along with guns. You could go further too and make it so you can buy a clip of aluminum throwing daggers or bullets. And there is still possibilities for more ferrings and mistings that you could release as season updates. oh and another thing you could even add is like hemalurgic spikes where when you or a teammate kill someone they drop a spike with their power or just enhance your power for a round. Or in a feruchemist case a unsealed metal mind with what they had stored. All of these ideas could make a really cool tactile 5v5 fps shooter. The team synergy would be so cool if you knew how to make it work. Like imagine taking a sight and just having a Pulser slowing down a chock point and a Slider just speeding your team to sight and then having lurchers get into a wacky spot and a coin shot shooting coins around. I feel like a game like this would be So fun to make and play. So what do y’all think? Any add on ideas? Any video game developers tryna snag this idea?. Maybe Dragonsteel sees this and makes it? Let’s here it.
  3. Just what it says on the tin, there. I play brass instruments, even in cold Canadian Remembrance Day (Veterans day for you Americans) weather. So I thought that if I was a Firesoul or a compounder it'd be very convenient to keep toasty warm. Brass instruments get cold FAST when it's chilly outside, and that can numb the fingers well. I wondered if Brandon had said anywhere just how hot a Brass ferring could get while tapping their metalminds. If, like an Iron Ferring becoming 20 times heavier for a time without crushing themselves, they can give themselves a big increase in personal temperature without burning themselves. Brass has a melting point of around 900-940 degrees Celsius. The human body is normally in the 36 degree range. If a Ferring or compounder can make themselves 30 times hotter for long enough their metalminds would begun to melt. Long before that point, though, their metalminds would have to become hot enough to burn at least anyone other than the ferring themselves since Brass is a good thermally conductive metal. I guess it's also all dependant on how much your temperature changes when you fill or tap the metalmind. Just two degrees Celsius is a BIG change in your body temperature without Feruchemy being involved. Any info you've got will be useful! (Note, I haven't read the bands of mourning yet, but I do understand that brass metalminds play a role in the book. Technical knowledge like how warm people get is okay to fill me in on!)
  4. Hi everyone. I tried searching here on the Shard if this has been discussed before and I didn't find anything... Anyway, there's a WoB that states that compounded duralumin can "break into" a kandra (and presumably a koloss or even an inquisitor), similar to how a powerful enough soother or rioter could. Are there any theories on how that works? I guess the compounder would tap enough connection that they and the kandra "become one" (maybe in a similar way some theorize swearing the Fifth Ideal would make Radiant and their spren one?). But maybe there's some better explanation for it, which is why I'd like to here your thoughts. Another question I have, thanks to a post in the F-Duralumin Club, is whether a connector would be able to hear the rhythms on Roshar if they tapped connection. Do you think this would be possible? The WoB about a duralumin compounder "breaking into" a kandra is this one: The post in the F-Duralumin Club is this:
  5. Well, it been a while since I have made another topic. Let's see how long I can keep this up as a weekly thing. So, during the week, I was on a thread talking about certain mechanics of Feruchemy regarding Tin (*Cough* @Koloss17 *Cough* Tin Theology *Cough Cough*) and it brought up how by storing most of your senses, you can make yourself numb to pain, and this got me thinking, what advantages come, rather from tapping your metalminds, from storing in them instead? there are the basic ones, of making yourself light so your faster and the numbing pain I mentioned, but I think there are other benefits we may be missing or haven't thought of, so I made this thread. What kinds of benefits can you think of?
  6. Feruchemic steel can store speed, everyone knows that. And speed affects many aspects of body, because body of feruchemist automaticly gain ability to withstand stress during taping metalmind. So taping Steelmind increases speed of mouvment, but also perception, thinking and reflexes. I remember also that increased metabolism has negative effect - they need eat more (like Flash - but i cant find WoB). So my question is - Is F-Steel increasing also regeneration speed? Not like "normal" Investiture healing, but more physical, by increasing speed of cells growth? Is Steel Compounder able to heal faster, not of course on Gold level, but more like A-Pewter level?
  7. Apologies for the weird title, but I am unsure how to word what I want to say more succinctly. Essentially, is there any bias as to which type of misting (if you have allomantic lines) or ferring (if you have feruchemical lines) you become, or is it simply chance? Do individuals have stronger connections to certain metals or perhaps the powers they provide? To elaborate, would someone who would have naturally grown up to be charismatic have a stronger conmection to zinc or brass allomancy? Or do they simply become charismatic because of their powers? (Chicken/egg scenario here) I could see how an existing bias may be the case as there doesn't seem to be equal amounts of each type of misting/ferring. There are for example, fewer duralumin ferrings and gold mistings than there are other kinds. Presumably, an equal chance would result in equal amounts of each variant over a great enough sample size, so the entire world's population should see relatively even divisions. Anyway, hopefully some of you can provide clarification.
  8. Hypothetically let's say a Duralumin Ferring from Scardrial stored connection for years and had a lot of metal minds. If he became a world hopper and ended up on Sel, could he potentially tap all that connection and "attract" the Sheod becoming an Elantrian? Side question: assuming there just happened to be an Elantrian who could store connection, if they traveled to Roshar, could they tap the connection and potentially figure out how to alter the Aons to work with that geography? (For the sake of theoretical argument, let's assume that either distance from the shards Devotion and Dominion doesn't matter or the potential of tapping connection also maybe figuring out how to hack the local investiture or shard energy)
  9. Okay, so we know that Ferrings come from the mixing of allomancy genes and feruchemist genes, which result in the possibility of a single feruchemical power instead of the full set, just like you can the full allomantic suite, or just one power. What I don't know is the full effects of that mixing--if someone was a full mistborn, by inheritance and not Lerasium, and they also inherited feruchemical genes, would they necessarily be fullborn, because they didn't have the gene set for one allomantic ability to affect the feruchemical inheritance, or would it possible for someone just to be a mistborn and a gold feruchemist, for instance? Or vice versa--could someone be a full feruchemist and a misting, or would their being a misting prevent them from being a full feruchemist and they would just end up twinborn? I presume if someone was just a ferring, or just a twinborn, and then consumed Lersasium, they would become mistborn, and would keep their one feruchemical ability, but wouldn't become fullborn, but maybe they would? And/or maybe the one allomantic ability they already had would be supercharged like vin with bronze, albeit in a different way?
  10. A little thought experiment 1. If a person were to store their complete Identity in a metalmind and lose it, what would be the Spiritual and Cognitive ramifications? 2. Could a person build a totally new Identity? 3. If a person were to build a new Identity and then tap their metalmind, what would ensue in both the Cognitive and Spiritual realms?
  11. Pushed from this @Oversleep 's question. I began to try to find an explaination that in the end made me ask direcly to Mister Sanderson. This is the answer I get about the matter I hope he would reply to the last one, but in the end we discovered something quite juicy. A perks is something developed by small sections though Interactions. Greater Powerhouse in the Cosmere leave no space for this natural interactions. We may use this fact to remove all the strange feats of Mistborn, Feruchemist or Fullborn by the effect of a weird Perk
  12. I have not read Shadows of Self yet, so please no spoilers for book 5. Why are there no more mistborn in the Wax and Wayne series? Has it just been bred out? If so, I imagine it would become exceedingly rare but not impossible. Is there a confirmed answer or just speculation? Also, why were there no ferrings or twinborn in the original trilogy?
  13. I just wanted to see what people would say about feruchemy after seeing Curiosities thread on mistings.
  14. How would a Nicrosil Ferring or "Soulburst" manage to fill his or her metalminds? As a Ferring, they have no ability to store any other metal's attributes yes? And Investiture (the quality that is stored and tapped in Nicrosil) is not a human trait, but pure magic in the Cosmere. A full Feruchemist can simple drain one of his other metals' metalminds to convert that stored power into Investiture to fill a nicrosil mind. a twinborn with nicrosil feruchemical powers could store power as it is released from his allomantic 'burning.' But a Ferring, only able to store or tap 1 metal would have no other source of investiture to draw upon to store in a metal mind. or would a meditation techinaque allow them to draw in investiture spiritually and funnel pure investiture into their metalmind? Just things i think about lol. Any thoughts?