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Found 10 results

  1. As stated in the tags, this fic is inspired by the WoB explaining Fortuity's weakness—public rejection by a woman to whom he is attracted—and hinting it stems from a time that happened in the worst possible way. I found that to be an intriguing deepest-darkest-fear, and this idea began percolating. Will probably be a three-parter, but I'm not making any promises. Part One
  2. It couldn’t be… Could it? The mist felt wet and cool on my face, leaving small droplets of condensation on my cheeks and nose. The sky was an endless abyss of twisting and churning mist, something familiar, but unwitnessed. Oh how I had wished for this moment, every hour of reading. Was this a dream, or was I really on Scadrial, a world of Brandon Sanderson’s imagination? Hesitantly, I took a step forward, and my foot dragged through a coating of black ash on the ground. So this was the era of the Lord Ruler, the Final Empire. It certainly felt real… I looked around, but it was night, and the mists were out. I could only see a few feet in each direction. Suddenly, I felt very afraid, standing in the twisting sea of darkness. Who knew where I was? It could be miles to the closest city, and all I had were the clothes on my back and… What was that in my pocket? A few coins, boxings by the look of them, a small vial of metal flakes in a solution, and a note. Khyrindor, it read, we need your help. Meet us at Pewter gate, Luthadel for further instructions. Oh, by the way, you are now a Mistborn. It was signed “The Seventeenth Shard.” Someone had done this to me, and I needed to know why. What did they want with me? Should it matter? I had been wishing for this for years! But, nonetheless, I was afraid, alone in the darkness and the mist. The Seventeenth Shard…they said I was a Mistborn, and they apparently needed my help. They were obviously the ones who did this to me, so finding them would be the first step. Whether or not I decided to help them, or ask them to bring me home, I would need to start at Pewter gate. I looked down at the small vial of metal flakes. Mistborn… I raised the vial to my lips. Let’s do this. It tasted worse than I’d imagined. I urgently sought out my tin reserves, the metal that would enhance my senses and pierce the mists. As I burned it, a warmth flooded my chest, and suddenly I could very acutely feel everything around me. from the cold air to the very grains in my t-shirt. The mists seemed… less some- how. They were still there, but I could see through them. There were stars in the sky, a stretch of bright red ones that I doubted most people ever saw. The mists made many people uncomfortable, as I knew from reading Mistborn, so no one ever came out at night, except allomancers, people who can ingest metals like tin and burn them for power. If I burned my tin harder, Flaring, as it was called in the books, I could just make something out… A light, in the distance. Wavering torch light, reflecting brightly against the mists around it. I lessened my tin, as the cold was starting to bother me, and started toward the light, hoping I would be lucky enough to find an outskirt town and not a koloss camp. Untrained in allomancy as I was, I doubted I could fight them on my own with just a few coins. I started burning Pewter as well, as it helped with the cold, making me more resistant to pain. Also, it would do well if there were any surprises, as it enhanced my strength and balance, in addition to the resistance to pain. Pewter and tin went nicely together. Suddenly, I realized what I was wearing, and gave myself a mental kick. A bright blue hoodie and jeans. I smeared some ash on them so I would blend into the night. If there was trouble ahead, I would want to fit in, rather than wear a big sign saying “Hey, look at me!” As I was getting close to the light, I again kicked myself. I should have been burning copper! Copper would hide my allomancy from seekers, people who could burn bronze to sense nearby allomancy. I felt a the copper cloud go up around me. If there were Inquisitors around though, the Hemalurgic minions of the Lord Ruler, they would be able to pierce the copper cloud. This could get dangerous. Why did the Seventeenth Shard involve me in this? Only one way to find out. I stepped into the light. To Be Continued So, tell me what you think? Just wrote this in the last little while. Pretty rough draft. Thanks for reading.
  3. This is only sort of Sanderson fan fiction but I used Syl so it's going here. I basically went with the idea of Syl protecting Kal in the highstorm, and ran with it to Syl protecting people from their inner demons. And here's when I post something super personal and hope I'm not making a mistake with it all. Gotta be vulnerable sometimes :l @Pinnacle-Ferring I mentioned a draft one of this to you a while ago and you wanted to see it.
  4. This is a little story inspired by this discussion over here. I found it and couldn't resist playing with it for a while. All credit where its due, yes, I got the idea from that thread and the discussions there. Hope you enjoy it! I have no fixed plans for this, but perhaps an anthology of the worldhoppers swapping stories and stuff. Also, this story won't be purely mine, for I encourage you guys to freely throw in ideas and even write sections for yourself! Let's have fun imagining what those worldhoppers get up to between books. Story premise: Worldhoppers have to congregate somewhere, don't they? WoB says that the place where they congregate isn't in the Physical Realm, so consensus is that its in the Cognitive Realm. Imagine, a restaurant at the end of the cosmere, possibly owned by a Shard, where all the worldhoppers gather to unwind, relax, network and basically have a drink.
  5. Just put up the first chapter of a fic I've been working on for quite a while. It's called Periapsis, and it can be found on my Tumblr or on my Ao3. It's a Stormlight Archive AU fic set in a military space opera setting -- think Honor Harrington or Mass Effect -- and it centers on Shallan and Jasnah's (eventually romantic) relationship. I'm pretty proud of what I've got in store here, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, I invite you to give it a shot.
  6. I've been working on a short story describing how Vin got her earring. I've posted it over at AO3 and I'd love your feedback.
  7. I've been working on an Alloy of Law era Homestuck crossover for over a year now, and I recently posted the first chapter of the prelude story on Ao3. It's not necessary that you've read Homestuck, but it's certainly more amusing if you have. This AU is also going to be my exploration of jazz in Scadrial, and basically the evolution of music and culture in general, as I referenced in the Heaven, Hell and the Steel Ministry thread. I have done so much research trying to reasonably match various developments in Scadrial to its real-world counterparts (as Scadrial is Brandon's Earth-analogue) and I'e gotten Brandon to confirm a number of my guess as being basically correct. This is going to be an extremely slow updating fic, but I'm expecting a serious amount of worldbuilding to go with it that is entirely not-Homestuck. Most of this info will be crossposted to my own tumblr and my fic's tumblr, mistbornstuck.
  8. First of all, Feather, I'm very disappointed you didn't inform me of the fourth chapter of ASMoB To start off, here's a list of Feather's current fanfics(all SA) -A small Renarin POV fic. -"Beneath the Bells of Kharbranth" - (Beware, it's not a happy story...) Synopsis: Instead of joining the army, Kaladin goes to Kharbranth to train as a surgeon. After years of hard work, his talent for healing earns him a promotion. But there are secrets in Kharbranth, the likes of which he could never have imagined. -"A Training Session" - (This is a nicer one, written for Tumblr's Cosmere Secret Santa exchange last year.) Synopsis: After the events of The Way of Kings, Kaladin is working to train the members of Bridge 4 when Adolin Kholin unexpectedly drops by. -"A Strange Mix of Both" - (This is Feather's Shallarin fic. It's multiple parts so you'll have to click the "Read More" links at the bottom of each to open each full post.)
  9. Summary: An ongoing compilation of small fics featuring Shallan Davar and Renarin Kholin and a blossoming relationship between them. Takes place post-WoK. This story can be found in multiple places: Archive Of Our Own, Fanfiction.Net, and Tumblr. Click the names to read on the platform of your choice! (I would recommend reading on tumblr, because there you can see the art that Botanica Xu was kind enough to draw for me. Seriously like the best thing ever. She's awesome. Her cosmere art is incredible.)
  10. This is my first attempt at writing anything of this type. Any advice on diction, grammar, pacing, etc. is appreciated. The document is attached in a rich text format, so should be readable for all. Thanks, Cartith Ch. 1.rtf