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Found 10 results

  1. Why is the curse in the skyward world "scud"? Where did Brandon get this idea?
  2. Titles pretty self explanatory. Hypothetical. You visit the nightwatcher in the valley. You ask for a boon. What do you ask for? And what do you think would be a curse that balances the boon enough? Let me know your thoughts. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours
  3. I've been looking for a list of in-novel curses that Brandon uses across his bodies of work. I cannot find one, so I hoped together we might create one for the first time ever. I listen only to audio books due to an eyeball artifact issue, so off the top of my head I've got: "Sparks" - Reckoners "Stormfather" & "Storms" - Stormlight Archive "Lord Ruler" - Mistborn (Era 1) Please add your contribution to what I have. When finished we should have a complete listing of all Brandon's novel curses from all his books from 2005-2018. I'm excited to see the full listing, even from his Novellas. Thank you fellow 17th sharders.
  4. Hey peeps. I'm working on this interactive cosmere fan fic thingy and I need swear words. We've got the classic Rust and Ruin, Storm off, and other cosmere gems but I need more. I was wondering if we could get a list of cosmere cussing in the comments (alliteration mmm), and I was wondering if you guys have any ideas what people from Yolen would curse by. Adonalsium? Just looking for ideas. In secret history Preservation seems to swear by the name Senna (whoever/whatever that is). anyway, comment your curses and other ideas down below. Thanks!
  5. This is less of a theory and more of a looming concern in my mind: what if Dalinar is starting to remember Evi because his curse/boon was specifically worded in relation to his WIFE and he has a new wife now? As memories of Evi start to appear, will memories of Navani start to fade? Was this how it was when he forgot Evi as well? Color slowly bleeding out of a picture until it became gray then fuzzy then black? We now are pretty sure it's not the bond with the Stormfather causing the memories to return and I read an interesting theory on here about the watch fabrial which could still be valid but the following passage has me worried: Navani, he thought. On my arm. It still gave him a heady, surreal feeling. Dreamlike, as if this were one of his visions. He could vividly remember desiring her. Thinking about her, captivated by the way she talked, the things she knew, the look of her hands as she sketched—or, storms, as she did something as simple as raising a spoon to her lips. He remembered staring at her. He remembered a specific day on a battlefield, when he had almost let his jealousy of his brother lead him too far—and was surprised to feel Evi slipping into that memory. Her presence colored the old, crusty memory of those war days with his brother. I have no evidence but the passage puts memories of the two women right next to each other in a way that seems foreboding. The juxtaposition of vivid, fond memories of Navani and re-emerging memories of Evi feels like a literary tool to set us up for something. He also gives a fixed point by which the reader will be able to judge the deterioration of Dalinar's memory: a "specific day" on the battlefield when his jealousy nearly got the better of him; a day sure to be the subject of a soon-to-come flashback. Also, it feels like it would be just about appropriately soul crushing for us to see Dalinar get what he always wanted only to have it slowly drip away until he can eventually only hear Shshsh when someone says Navani's name. Anyways, just saying it smells like a Sanderson set-up. I'd love to get all your thoughts.
  6. I've always wondered if maybe the Dalinar's asked the Nightwatcher to help him forget his wife making that his boon and not his curse... the Oathbringer conversations almost support that theory. What does everyone else think his boon and curse are?
  7. Basically, this is how I imagine the Life-Nightwatcher interaction went down. I may be fuzzy on time details but the major point is what I believe her "curse" is. Lift (age 10 Roshar years): Nightwatcher, give me something awesome! Nightwatcher: You amuse me child. I give you Wyndle, and bring you into the cognitive realm. You will be able to touch Wyndle and turn food into stormlight. Probably some other stuff go ask Brandon. Lift: Who? Nightwatcher: AS I WAS SAYING. You will exist partial in the cognitive will exist as an idealized concept of yourself, but still with a physical form. This is your curse. You are as you are now, Lift, forever 10, and forever *cringe* awesome. Half-joke half-serious, but really, is this why she seems so young at heart, and likes to ignore her age?
  8. Does it explicitly say that Dalinar's lack of being able to remember his former wife or hear her name is a CURSE from the nightwatcher? I ask, because I was discussing it with a friend and I always assumed that it was his BOON. My theory is that he asked the Nightwatcher to take away the pain from the death of his wife, and the form of the BOON was to forget her completely, and that we don't know yet what the curse is. But I wanted to verify if it says it's a curse explicitly. Thanks.
  9. So, let's think up some possible curses Nightwatcher might give. We're operating under assumption that the curser are indeed neurological. We already had a man who saw the world upside down and a man who lost sensation in his arms. Some I invented: doing things manually. THE LIST Your curse is: to breathe manually to blink manually to swallow manually Any ideas for curses?
  10. I did a quick search for this and didn't find anything, but feel free to tell me if this has been done before. The questioned posed is thus: if you were to seek out the Old Magic, what boon would you ask of the Nightwatcher? You can keep your answer in-world or not as you desire. The caveat is that the next person to post after you has to tell you what curse you received to go with your boon. If there are no objections...I'll begin: After much internal debate, I would probably simply ask to be awesome.