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  1. Blegh, i need sleep. You've convinced me. [ Gears ] i'll vote some time tonight.
  2. Can people please discuss this? Everyone seems to be ignoring this. @Araris Valerian, @Orlok Tsubodai, @Devotary of Spontaneity, @Elbereth, @Matrim's Dice, what are you opinions on this? And please try to view this from my point of view, because for me, I can't come to any conclusion other than elim!Ventyl. It's taken me like three reads to parse this. Are the bolded and underlined people all Striker? There are too many pronouns for me to follow. If it is striker, I think it's just a sibling thing rather than a teammate thing.
  3. TJ, He's on to us! =P Gross. Hmm, that's going to make this look bad. [ Gears ]. I'd rather lynch gears than Ventyl or TJ. Both are almost certainly village Radiants. I wouldn't say I'm fully suspicious of Gears, but they are going after people I trust. This game is too active for me. I'll be more useful with my actions once more people die off. Also, I no longer trust Elbereth nearly as much, and i I have time later tonight, I'll do a full analysis on them. (Don't expect too much. Likely I'll just skim their posts.)
  4. I trust TJ. The only way he's an Elim is if Ventyl is also an Elim.
  5. That's going a bit far. Maybe step back and remember that this is only a game? Ventyl is allowed to protect themself and try to stay alive instead of going for the optimal village move. Honestly at this point, I think Ventyl has done brilliantly. Assuming they're a villager Knight, the Elims aren't going to kill them. There's too little/much information about whether or not Ventyl is actually killable. The Elims are much more likely to target someone else and leave them alive for a while. It's better to go for a sure kill than a potentially blocked kill. If they're an Elim, which I straight up do not believe is possible, then they have done a brilliant job in pretending othewise, to the point where I'm willing to defind them and makes sure someone else get's lynched. Frankly, I think we should just ignore the Ventyl stuff for now and focus elsewhere.
  6. Well that went better than expected. I agree with what Gears did. Leaving it up to the Elims to vote manip the lynch tells us that they didn't have any active mannipers online at the end.
  7. Not really. I didn't actually take notes as I'm on a work computer. Just kinda wrote in the post box while I read through the thread. Ventyl I'm more sure about, simply because everything they've done sounds very villagey to me.
  8. Well, I don't have a lot to say. I trust Orlok, Araris, Elbereth and Sart, and would happily lynch Gears or [ Striker ]. I'm going with mr EZ because it seems like several others want to lynch him but don't think there will be enough votes to do it. I don't really know where to go from here. I don't think TJ is suspicious enough to lynch just yet. I also don't think we should lynch Ventyl. Also, does anyone have a Votecount? @Straw
  9. Hello again, I just started my eight hour graveyard shift, so I'll be reading through the previous 9 pages of game finally so that I can start participating. I can see from this page that TJ is considered a bit suspicous, so I'll pay extra attention to their posts. Anything else I should be watching for?
  10. Yes, hello. Bit busy right now. Don't worry though. I will be active in *checks watch* approximately 15 hours. I would very much like to not be lynched as i expect to have fun with this game, so if you could give me some time, i would appreciate it.
  11. Signing up as Jesenesh the Stormwind, an archer with too much confidence, chasing a criminal he is fairly certain is hiding amongst the refugees.
  12. High Noon Coda, the constable representing Octant 2, stood amidst a scene of carnage and bloodshed, hands stained with red liquid that flowed inside of all people. He had killed so many people tonight. Seven criminals had been slaughtered by his hands, and he had been complicit in the deaths of two constables. The screams… They would haunt him to his dying breath. Hardening his heart and steeling his resolve, he stood up from the corpse of Winsting from where he and Lady Lumen had finally killed him and walked towards the last Criminal that wasn’t fading in and out of consciousness. The guilt was swiftly squashed beneath an icy calm. “Your lot did good, I’ll give you that,” he said, staring at Emi. “You took out almost all of us. The straw man was torn apart by the mob because that idiot Flogs outed him. Muriel was killed by some vigilante in the night. The Pyromancer was finally slaughtered, even though he outed himself to the group hours ago.” He chuckled softly, eyes filled with nostalgia. “To be honest, he kind of deserved that. Claiming was a stupid play.” The fragments of kindness evaporated, leaving only a furious constable with a loaded gun. “Qwerty was absolutely shredded, just because they were awful at lying and kind of messed up. Lord Silber, the one with the grudge? He fell victim to the Criminals too, though he at least managed to see his nemesis die before he did. Shard was killed on a clever hunch from that Lord Winsting, but I avenged him! The intern left for coffee and never came back. Did your fellows whack ‘em? I bet you did. Just a newbie, and you killed ‘em all the same.” He shoved Emi to the floor, anger etched into his face. “They were my colleagues, my friends! It’s all your fault!” He pulled his gun out of his holster, aimed at the filthy criminal’s heart, and fired. The room was left silent, the only remaining criminals having succumbed to their slumber. He smiled honestly for the first time since he had walked into this horrific auction. His friends had been avenged. Lady Lumen walked away from the bar. After nearly twelve hours trapped here in Winsting’s mansion, she no longer looked like a lady. She had removed her dress. It had limited her movement, and no one was paying enough attention to notice the difference. She still mourned the loss, though not as much as she mourned her friends. She had caused many of the deaths, though not directly. Forcing others to act was her specialty, and the chaos that ensued was sweet. But her expert manipulation hadn’t stopped the criminals from picking off the constables one by one. Lumen stepped into the room where the remaining criminals had holed up to sleep and began to speak. They couldn’t hear her, but this was something she needed to say. “You’ve killed more than half of our number. More than half of the best constables in the city. The Intern has vanished, nowhere to be found. You have killed six of the best constables in Elendel, and countless others have died because of your transgressions. Now, no one can stand in our way. We have enough evidence to arrest most of you, and the rest are already dead. We can free the city from you criminal scum. The Octants have paid a great cost, and corruption must pay. We have not failed Constable General Yosef. We have not failed the constables who have died for the cause. This marks the end of crime." As the two remaining constables turned their backs on the slumbering criminals, they laughed. “Ask me what time it is,” one said to the other. “What time is it?” the other asked, a tired smile on her face. “It’s high noon,” the two said in unison. They left behind dozens of corpses, some of them dear friends, but they had won. They had won. Credit to Mist and Coda for the final writeup! Please go find one or more of their posts and upvote them into the sun! Archivist was lynched! They were a Criminal Bartender! Emi was killed! They were a Criminal Stalker! The God King escaped alive! They were a Criminal Escort! The village has perished, and the constables have voted to disperse! The Constabulary wins! Congratulations to the 9 Eliminators, you have won the game and maintained Straw’s perfect Eliminator score! My personal thoughts are scattered throughout the Spectator doc, which is linked below, but I’ll do a proper writeup soonish! For now, enjoy the following: Master Spreadsheet of Actions Bleeder’s Coppermind The Constabulary. (Bonus award to anyone who understands the reference.) The Dead and Spectator Doc. Player List:
  13. First one i asnewred in my thoughts. Bleeder needs a one use uber kill that would guarante her target dies. It would ignore redirects, bodyguards, and roleblocks. It would only be jsable once, at Bleeder's discretion. I do think it should kill Tycoon players. Impersonators are fine as is. It could be easier to make them just double a vote instead though. I don't think the current tie system favors one side over the other, and i don't think either team needs vote manip to use it. I also don't consider the tie system to be part of thos game. I just like it and included it in lots of my games. I mean, it is an MR. I think there is supposed to be an inactivity filter? So yes there needs to be one. It worked fine i think. I don't k ow if i would expand it further, but Town of Salem requires a majority, so it would theoretically work.
  14. I'll join if Orlok doesn't get as many people as he wants. otherwise I'll just wait to pinch hit.
  15. Aftermath and thoughts: Lots of you have already said better things than I can about the players in this game, so I'll refrain from congratulating all of the wonderful players, and instead talk about the behind the things stuff. Balance: I don't know that this game was balanced. It worked out this time, but I don't know statistically if that was likely or not. Bleeder definetely got the short end of the stick, with only 3 sucessful actions over the course of the game, so I think Bleeder needs to be buffed against manipulation, likely with some sort of one time uber-kill that can't be defended against, prevented, or manipulated. DeTess pointed out how long it would take the village to win, and I admit i didn't really think about how that would work. Let's say the village organized quickly. Flogs spends two cycles establishing a trust circle, and gets bodyguards to protect him so he can't get double tapped, then they start Finding eliminators. He finds one statitcially on Turn 3, so on Turn 4, Bartenders can start killing and villagers can start analysing. They'll probably find and kill 1 eliminator per turn. The village would have killed on the elims on Turn 13. That's ignoring the fact that Bleeder has killed 5 people and the Constables have killed 10. I don't think the village could have won alone against the Eliminators. I think that is a problem. The village needed more power. Another Escort, Bodgyuard and Stalker all would have been wonderful. But even with that, it's hard to arrange for a tied lynch to take out multiple suspects at once. There needed to be more than 20 villagers. Even just 22 would have severly tipped the scales in their favor. If there had only been 8 eliminators, (Like multiple people said there should have been =P) Then I think the village would have won this game. But adding roles doesn't really help with the sever number issue. How do I make sure that the village can actually win without having to lynch an eliminator every time? If I add in more bartenders, there's a good chance that there will be more friendly fire incidents then the one there was this game. (Rip Striker) I don't know how to adress this. Maybe less Elims, but give them some tycoons instead of gossips? IDK. I'll let Straw figure that out when he inevitably reruns this game (Love you straw) Rerunability: I think this game is extremely rerunnable, but needs a few changes; Bartenders need to be able to attack on odd cycles, to give Bleeder and eliminators more room to hide, and so that they don't feel forced to kill every time they can if they have another role. This game would have been very different if Striker (The Only Village Bodyguard) had proteced Flogs. But he his Bartender Kill instead. So I would change Bartenders to "cannot kill on consecutive cycles" in future runs of this game. Extortionists are too powerful. I don't know if you noticed or not, but the two Extortionists in the game kinda caused all the Bleeder shenanigans. HH made Bleeder self target, and Mist used Bleeder like a sword. They need to be nerfed. In reruns of this game, I would have Extortionists changed to only choosing a new target for a person's action. They cannot make their victim take an action if they were not taking an action, and they cannot choose what action they should take if they have options. That would have allowed for Bleeder to still get information via scans while he waited for the Elims to stop redirecting him. Tycoons should also be altered to only be one layer of protection. Right now Tycoons are immune to double taps. That never came up in the game, though it nearly did since Bleeder tried to kill megasif the same turn they were lynched. But Bleeder and the elims were both thinking about double tapping Flogs together to make sure he died. (They decided not to.) And it would have been annoying for them both to effectively waste a kill since he would have survived. Finally, the PM restrictions need to be removed. Very few people used PM's for game conversation, partially because there was too much worry about potential waste. Gossips were underutilized because they didn't have anyone to PM. The longest conversation in the game was between Wilson and Orlok, both of them gossips. All things considered, I'm happy I ran this game, and I'm happy it turned out so well. I hope it does get rerun, and if it does, I hope I get to be bleeder next time. Happy hunting to everyone who played, and I hope to get a chance to kill you in QF45.
  16. MR: The Auction of Lord Winsting It has been weeks since Lord Winsting announced the auction of his latest painting Woman in Ash. Invitations to this exclusive auction have been extremely hard to come by, but are well worth the weeks spent posturing, making promises, and fighting for one of the seats in the room. Finally, you have received your invite. All you have to do is RVSP for your chance to own not just Woman in Ash but the vote of Lord Winsting. Hopefully Lord Winsting’s men are up to the task of keeping the Auction secret and safe. Factions: Private Messages Limited. Every player as a non action may send one message of any length to any other player. These cannot be redirected, roleblocked, or eavesdropped upon. Each Message must at the top of the message have the cycle it was sent. (You don't have to make a new convo each time, just post in the actual message what cycle it is) Roles Housekeeping Player List Quick Links:
  17. 11 AM Winsting could feel his makeup start to run. He was sweating hard. He wiped the condensation from his forehead and cheeks, and risked a single glance around the edge of the bar. There were only 6 other people in the room, but all were demons, here only to torment him, here only to take everything he had before they took his life. What had he done to deserve this? He heard footsteps getting louder, someone was approaching him. There was nothing to hide behind! Desperately he glanced about for a weapon, a place to hide, anything! There was a cabinet beside him. He yanked it open, hoping there would be a weapon there, but there were only cleaning supplies and empty bottles. “Oh Wiiiinstiiiiing. Come out come out wherever you are!” “Oh Survivor above, help me!” he whispered as he dragged himself into the cabinet. He pulled the door shut behind him, just as something slammed onto the counter top above. He almost gasped, but managed to slap his hands over his mouth. “Hmmm, are you over here Winsting? I know I saw you run this way after you helped us murder poor Zephyr.” The cabinet creaked, and something thumped to the ground on the other side of the counter top. Winsting felt hot liquid coating his cheeks. He forced himself deeper into the cabinet’s corner. There was blood on his hands mixing with the tears. “Don’t tell me being forced to finish off Xino broke your nerve? Come now Winsting, I promise to kill you much quicker than either of them. Just one little bullet!” Their voice was getting further away. He heard a bottle get knocked off the bar further down. His hands dropped from his tear stained cheeks to his lap, and he finally exhaled. There were four booms, and four bullets shattered the backwall of the bar he was hiding in. He fell backward in a sprawl and screamed as a Constable grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him down onto the bar. She grinned at him. “Or did knowing just how outmatched you were break you? Learning that everything you thought was wrong? Everyone you trusted was a traitor?” “Harmony deliver me! Please! Let me go! I can make you rich!” He slapped his shaking hands against her, but she just laughed. “I don’t care about riches lordie. I just hate you.” She moved her arm, pressing it into his neck. He grabbed at it with both hands, but she was far stronger. Pewterarm? “Ironeyes! Trell! Someone help me!” It was getting harder to breath, but she wasn’t letting up. With her other hand, she pulled out a a pistol. She pressed it to his head and pulled back the hammer. “One little bullet, I’ll tell the General that you killed yourself. Any last words?” “Flogs! Please!” His tears came hot and fast and he desperately pushed against her arm. She just laughed, and pulled the trigger. It is the Villagel’s 11th Hour! Can they overcome the odds stacked against them? Can they prevail against the evil constables? Will any of our six final contestants survive the coming bloodbath? FIND OUT IN 24 HOURS!!!! Zillah was lynched! They were a Renowned Criminal! Xino was killed! They were a Criminal Gossip/Tycoon! Matrim’s Dice were killed! They were LORD WINSTING INNATE! Bleeder wins! Wait, nevermind, she’s dead already. Carry on. Awake players: 3 Votes required to Disperse the Party: 2 Vote Count: Zillah (3): Coda, Matrim, Mist Dispersal Votes (0/4): Player List:
  18. 10AM Hammond’s breath came in ragged gasps, each more faltering than the last. Telina’s bullets, meant for the Kandra, had instead found their home in his chest. He knew he would not survive the hour. He didn’t really care to be honest. There was nothing left in this city that meant anything to him. The Governor’s power grew daily, and the constables were given more and more authority to do as they wanted. They didn’t have a chance. He watched as they argued, discussing whether Emi or Shard were more likely to be a constable. The easy answer was to kill them both, but no one took the easy answer these days. “What about you?” One of the arguing lords called out. “You think Emi’s a Conner?” Hammond sucked in another breath, “Aye! I think she is.” Shard and Lumen nodded in agreement, but the other four shouted him down. Looked like they were about to pull guns on Shard. Hammond didn’t envy the lad. But he didn’t care much if he lived or died. None of them cared about him. Someone walked up to him, and crouched down. Hammond watched them without moving his head. He had learned, while laying before the yawning window frame, that movement of his neck or shoulders was excruciating. “You don’t look good friend.” Hammond laughed, then groaned and coughed wetly. “Don’t make me laugh on my deathbed.” “Is that your dying wish?” “Sure. Why not?” Hammond looked away from the man, and out into the last remnants of the morning’s mist. Looked to where the Survivor watched him back. “My da named me for your general. But I think you would be disappointed in how I measured up.” “You a survivorist then?” “I worship one at least. Don’t think I can survive much longer. Don’t think I want to anyway.” “That’s an easier wish to fulfill.” The man placed one boot against his side and pushed him over the edge. Hammond squeezed his eyes shut as he fell. He didn’t want to know when it would end. Bless the Scars, he didn’t want— Welcome to the 10th Hour! Since more people have started posting, I’ll leave it up to the survivors. Should we stick with 24 hour turns, or 48 hour turns? Please bold your answers. Megasif was killed! They were a Criminal Gossip/Gambling Tycoon! Experience was lynched! They were a Constable Bodyguard! Awake players: 6 Votes required to Disperse the Party: 4 Vote Count: Emi (3): Experience, Megasif, Mist Experience (4): Coda, Emi, Matrim, Xino Dispersal Votes (0/4): Player List:
  19. Just about an hour left folks. It's good to see people returning to any amount of activity! Current vote count is: Emi (2): Experience, Mist Experience (4): Coda, Emi, Matrim, Xino
  20. To be fair, so did Flogs.
  21. Nah, just rounding to the nearest whole number.
  22. 9AM Bleeder tapped Lord Laborn’s stolen fingers against the lone spike embedded into her spine and hummed as she looked around. Things were getting dicey, and she still hadn’t found Winsting, but the situation was salvageable. Almost the entirety of the party was dead, and that damnable Silberfarben had been tossed out a window, where his soothing could no longer stop her from her slaughters. She just needed to find Winsting now. “The Immortal is the clear and present threat to all of our safety, but we cannot forget the constables in our midst!” Bleeder glanced over the wounded Lady Telina Maladroi, who was all but leading the criminals in Winsting’s absence. She was a nuisance, but she hadn’t any way of actually harming her. Nor were any of the others who were still awake, which was remarkably few. Three of the mortals engaged Telina in hushed conversation, and Bleeder turned away to examine Matrim and Hammond. One of them was Winsting. Both were acting differently than they had at the beginning of the party, as if they were different people. Winsting had disguised himself as one of them, she was certain. Hammond was cavalier about the situation, as if he didn’t feel any threat was present, and Matrim was just doing what ever a strong voice told him to. It was Hammond. It had to be. He was ignoring the conversation the rest of them were having, instead sipping his wine and staring out one of the high windows. When she approached, he glanced her way for barely a second. “Hammond is it?” she asked in the voice of Lord Laborn. He looked her way again, and this time focused. “Yes? What is it you want?” “I just wanted to ask your thoughts on the cowardly Lord Winsting. First hiding behind bodyguards, then behind disguises.” She watched his face change from bored to controlled as she spoke. “I’m frankly surprised he hasn’t tried to run already. A coward like him wouldn’t stay here, even knowing that he would be arrested if constables escaped alive. Don’t you agree?” He raised an eyebrow and glanced around. “I can see how one might come to such a conclusion, but I’m afraid I don’t agree.” She studied him as he spoke, but there were no slipups. No veiled rage at being insulted. It wasn’t him. He frowned over his shoulder, and Bleeder turned to see who was approaching. She was stabbed in the back by Lady Telina. She spun, dragging her assailant to the side and stepping away from her. Telina stumbled, but recovered and pulled out a gun. “Rot in hell Immortal.” She fired three times. Each bullet went through her stolen body and into the window behind it, shattering it. Hammond cried out and fell to the side. Bleeder ignored the 4 wounds and stepped forward, grabbing Telina by the throat. “There is no hell save here Telina.” She dragged the woman to the empty window and lifted her off her feet. “Say hello to Harmony for me.” I’m often glad that there is no hell. Bleeder stiffened. “Harmony?” Hello daughter. Please come back to me. She could feel him attempting to control her body, and in horror, realized that someone had given Telina a hemalurgic spike. The woman was grinning at her even as she choked. Please Paalm. I can help you through this. “No! Stay out of my head!” His grip only tightened on her. She wouldn’t do this. She wouldn’t let him take control! He was too strong, she couldn’t remove one of her spikes, but there were other things she could do. She widened the cracks in her spiritweb. She tore them open until the cracks became holes that could not be bridged. This is how you choose to die? Truly, I have failed you. Bleeder stumbled forward as her body lost connection from her mind and soul. Her three aspects split apart, and she fell, still holding Telina, out the open window. Welcome to the 9th hour! This turn will only be 24 hours long, since there are only 6 active players left. As Bleeder has died, Winsting is now safely killable without immediately ending the game. Megasif was lynched but survived! Bugsy was lynched. They were the Immortal Bleeder! Also a Gambling Tycoon. Sart was killed, they were a Criminal Smuggler! DeTess was killed. They were a Criminal Gambling Tycoon! Awake players: 6 Votes required to Disperse the Party: 4 Vote Count: Bugsy (2): Sart, Matrim Matrim (1): Emi Megasif (2): Bugsy, DeTess, Experience Dispersal Votes (0/5): Player List:
  23. Turn is over, give me 5 minutes to finish up the writeup.
  24. That's what I said. =P
  25. Bugsy (2): Sart, Matrim Matrim (1): Emi Megasif (3): Bugsy, DeTess, Experience Is this a correct vote count right now?