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  1. That’s really interesting, thanks for the info! I am now wondering what is wrong with me and my father because we are both Bondsmiths Seems legit
  2. A few of my friends and family took the test too although they haven’t even read the books. I have four Truthwatchers out of seven who did the test (one Bondsmith, one Windrunner and one Edgedancer). The only reason all my friends are Truthwatchers (the rest are family) that I can think of is that maybe these are the kind of people I like to hang out with? But you’ve also got a point, it’s right that everyone wishes to be protective and caring! The figures are of course not yet representative so maybe we should convince more people around us to take the quiz
  3. Guys, I have read a bit and… FIRST TIME JASNAH AND HOID WERE SIGHTED IN THE SAME PLACE…!!! They were whispering with each other! Navani already suspects… things and me too, I am so happy! (I‘m a slow slow reader atm, so still not really far into RoW)
  4. Sooo, after being sick and not being able to read, I've finally been reading again. I have some comments on the last few chapters, so here we go. Firstly, I spent too much time reading the women's script about the flying boats of Navani. But anyway, Navani is such an amazing person, I love that she is finally able to build (or let built) her own stuff. That's such a difference from what I read in the prologue, where she's being held back by Gavilar. I am genuinely happy for her! I also love her relationship with Dalinar. And I'm sorry she lost her son (I too cried when he died, and I liked him a lot for some reasons). I laughed a lot at Kaladin's parents when they first met Dalinar. Lirin is just as stubborn and kind of arrogant as his son Oooh, I'm very worried about Kal's mental health! And maybe for mine too, because his feelings are somehow so relateable. I hope he will get better eventually.... I almost cried when Dalinar "promoted" him. And I actually cried when Adolin took him out of his room. I feel like a lot of people don't like Adolin, and I honestly can't understand that. He's so adorable and kind of understanding too. I wish we saw more of his struggles, which are certainly there, I mean, he found out that his father killed his mother.... And his father had a drinking problem when Adolin was a teenager. I also have to admit that I don't like Venli. I'm not sure why, but I just don't like her chapters. Maybe they will get better and I will change my mind, I don't know. I didn't like Eschonai's point of view either. But I think the Schallan chapters will get better again with time and I'm probably one of the few people in the world who likes them, although sometimes I get annoyed with her too. I still don't know how I feel about the whole three-person thing, but I find her family dynamics and past really interesting. I can empathise with them well too (although thankfully I don't have three or more separate thinking personalities and I certainly didn't kill my parents). Other times I cried when Fels left and I don't dare think about his future. Right now I'm a bit stuck in a very, very long Venli chapter, but I'll push through it. I mean, it's not uninteresting, but I rather want to read about the others... I always find myself easily distracted when I read the Venli chapters, which is a bit sad. For exemple, I really wonder how Shadesmar would feel like in this world. If every object is a sphere in Shadesmar and if someone tries to find a certain object, wouldn't it be a lot harder because we have so much more objects around us? Don't know if this makes sense but I feel like Shadesmar would be even more overwhelming on our earth than it is in Roshar. Ok, last thought for now: I wonder if there will be flashbacks and who the pov character will be. Maybe Schallan again?
  5. Who knows? But yes, he’s in fact a great dad. That reminds me, I need to convince him to take the Knight Radiants Quiz, even though it’s more than obvious that he’s a bondsmith.
  6. That‘s great, share everything that you want! When you feel the need to talk about Oathbringer (a lot going on there, I definitely would have needed someone) feel free to send me a message! I would love to hear your thoughts and react to them (without any spoilers of course)!
  7. My best friend started WoK eventually! I just didn’t stop to annoy her with it until she picked it up. She loves it so far and is already talking about writing fanfictions with me also, it’s really cool that you have a dad that reads SA too! He really is a Vorin man when he listens to the audiobook instead of reading it, isn’t he I hear that from a lot of people, makes me even more excited! Great that you got your brother into the Cosmere! I’m also planning on rereading SA but in English next time. @StormingTexan thanks for the recommendation! I already have Mistborn 1 on my shelf, the book is waiting for me
  8. Same goes for me I imagine how he would roast you and instead of being upset about it, your eyes are filled with tears of joy and honour sprens (or something like that) start to fly around you I don’t know but I think he would be a bit disappointed or even offended (not in a too serious way of course)
  9. The Stormlight Archive are my first Sanderson books! But I’m really excited to dive into the whole Cosmere! (Although I don’t know where to start after I finishing RoW) It‘s amazing that your dad reads fantasy, I wish mine did too! Dalinar reminds me of him, so I‘m telling him all about Dalinar though
  10. Oh, I love plot twists! I‘m really careful to not stumble over spoilers, thanks!
  11. Thanks for looking it up! I don’t dare to search for anything in the Coppermind, I’m scared of spoilers I think Wit would be among the characters I‘d really like to meet in real life. As for Jasnah, I think she would kinda hate me or have a similar relationship with me like she has with Shallan
  12. Friends, I am know even more convinced of Jasnahoid. I read the end of Oathbringer and the way Wit philophosizes about art in the epilogue feels really Jasnah-like. I know that she doesn't have an eye for art but she loves deep discussions and I think Wit can offer her some really deep thoughts. And I think Jasnah would like his take on (good) art Btw does anyone know what eyecolour Hoid has?? I can't remember and I'm too tired to look it up
  13. Hello! *waves excitedly* As the title suggests, I am reading Rhythm of War for the first time! I finished Oathbringer on Monday and decided it wasn't a good idea to continue reading without talking about the books with other readers. (My father would say the same, he was extremely confused when I was trying to explain him well, everything. Or when I started crying while reading.) So here I am, hoping to share my reading experiences and feelings, which hopefully won't overwhelm me anymore as a result. It's really hard to read things... like the Dalinar flashbacks and not have anyone to talk to about it right away. I started yesterday and read the first ninety pages before I went to sleep. The prologue was fantastic. I already had the feeling that the relationship between Navani and Gavilar wasn't.... well, that good, but reading it hit my feelings exactly. I really like Navani. Also, I like to return to that scene with every new book, and learn more details from different povs. The first chapter was from Lirin's point of view, and I must admit I was a little confused as to what was going on. A year has passed and the Parshers have taken Herdstein??? Alethkar has fallen completely?? Storms! I'm also afraid of the Parshers and the… “Verschmolzene” (Fused...?), I don't know the English word, maybe someone can help me out? Then came Kaladin, which I really enjoyed. He was fighting one of those... I'll call them “super-Parshendi” for the moment. There seem to be different forms of them, each associated with one of the orders of the Radiant Knights, I suppose? That would be interesting, at least. I don't know what to make of the Parshers/Listeners in general. They're not really the bad guys, are they? But the "Super-Parshendi" seem to be evil, since they are commanded by Odium, who is indeed evil. I don't know how this will all play out, but I'm eager to read on. I hope this post doesn't bother anyone, but I saw a similar post for WoK, so I thought I might do one for myself too! Maybe you could share your own reading experience, I'm really interested in how others feel while reading (RoW isn't that old yet, so maybe one or two of you remember reading it for the first time)! Oh, but please no spoilers.
  14. I’m okay with spoilers as long as no one spoils (is this even a verb? As long as no one gives me spoilers? Makes spoilers? Tells spoilers? I’m going with „no one spoilert“, I can’t resist to conjugate) major plot events, deaths and something about other characters (especially about Dalinar, Kal, Schallan, Adolin and Navani) As for Jasnahoid, I’m too curious and need something to dream about, so come and tell meee (I’m ill again and need something to distract myself) @JaySurge welcome welcome!