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  1. Has Nightblood ever talked about Nale? Nightblood seems very open to discussing former bearers but I only recall them talking about Vasher and Shashara (I think..). I don't know about Nale, on one hand he seems smart enough not to wield Nightblood, but then he gives it to Szeth pretty much without any explanation. I'm not sure if Nale realizes just how powerful that sword is.
  2. So from what I've gathered is that Azure has been on Roshar for a year. Zahel has been there a lot longer, and so has Nightblood, if the Nightwatcher/Dalinar theory is correct. Nale and all the heralds are tied to Roshar so they can't worldhop, which means that Nale couldn't have brought it (although an agent of his could have). Maybe Zahel brought it to Roshar and asked Nale to keep it safe. That must have been about 10 years before Gavilar died so Nale didn't seem bonkers back then. Also I think it was in a video by Man Carrying Things where he mentions that Nightblood required 1000 breaths to be created. After that it sucks in Investiture from everyone it kills and stores it. So the 1000 breaths are only level one for Nightblood. And I'm guessing Odium/Rayse had a few breaths worth of Investiture so it must be pretty powerful by now.
  3. Hey guys! I just finished Warbreaker and this is probably going to be a stupid question, but how do we know that Vasher is Zahel? And how do we know that Vivenna is Azure? So the connection between Vasher and Nightblood is obvious. But Zahel? And why is Vivenna hunting him? Why is he a criminal now? Or is she talking about Szeth? At the end of Warbreaker they seem like pretty good friends. I'm really looking forward to Warbreaker 2: The adventures of Vasher and Vivenna, but I'm worried if it's going to end badly. I will admit when I was reading through the Stormlight Archive I did not pay as much attention to Zahel as I probably should have. But what am I missing? Is there a story that explains how they split up? How they got to Roshar? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm just really confused about two of my favorite characters.
  4. Interesting! Not the responses I was expecting. I did start reading Dune, just a few chapters in but it's pretty captivating. Starts pretty fast compared to some... other.. *cough* Way of Kings *cough*.... books. But you guys make good points. It's very unlikely that the movie will ruin the book, but it could go the other way. Thanks!
  5. Title is kind of a click-bait, obviously I should read Dune. Sorry about that. The real question is should I read Dune before or after watching the movie? I've been wanting to read Dune for a while, but I'm just so heavily into the Cosmere stuff, having just finished the Stormlight Archive and started on Mistborn. This stuff is so addictive! So what do you think? Anyone read them AND seen the movie? How do they compare?
  6. That's a very cool idea, I would like that to be true. But I don't know if windspren were capable to recognize Kaladin (or any person). One can hope.
  7. I have a hard time seeing a 10 year old Shallan at the third ideal. At least, the way we see her saying the Truths in the books is something that is not easy to do and needs to be worked on for a while. Maybe her Truths at a younger age were "I stole a cookie", but I highly doubt that.. I think it is more likely that it is possible to summon a blade at a lower ideal, especially in a pinch, similar to how Dalinar summoned StormfatherBlade.
  8. This makes me think about the time Kaladin got into a fight when he was still living in Hearthstone. That's way before he meets Syl but he still fights like a badass. Some of it is the Thrill I suppose but he is still a natural born fighter*. So when he is later fighting without Syl (in addition to having a pretty bad day like others pointed out) he might have lost all confidence in himself, like he doesn't believe that he can thrust a spear. But he obviously can fight without Syl as we see in Rhythm of War. *I might be misremembering, been a while since I read Way of Kings.
  9. I had no idea when I read the original post, I just really love all the characters.. or maybe I hate some of them but they are still good for the story and I like them in that respect. But after reading the comments I have to agree with @Sequence on Elhokar and @MGershone on Renarin. They were both pretty lame in the beginning but grew to become fine characters. Especially Renarin.
  10. I think Dalinar is pretty likely, or whoever the champion will be (pleasenotadolinpleasenotadolin). Can't really see them winning the duel, that would just end the story, right? Honestly I just hope nobody will die! Except maybe Moash. And maybe Venli, I don't think she has done enough to earn forgiveness. And she probably can't ever do that. But maybe if they achieve the fifth ideal, Szeth and Kaladin might actually die. Someone said Jasnah is immune so I guess she won't. Maybe Navani? But what will happen to the tower then? The sibling is NOT going to bond another human if Navani just dies a week after they bonded.. I read somewhere that there will be a novella about what Rock is up to after RoW. I can't imagine it ending with him dying, that would be to sad.
  11. WOW that's amazing! Beautifully done.
  12. Thanks, it's my name, so I like this complement. Always. Sadeas? Is this a trick question?
  13. Thanks! I am going to finish Rhythm of War before I venture further just so I don't accidentally spoil anything
  14. Hi, I'm Salka I've just started part 5 of Rythm of War, which is both great and awful. It's awful because now I have to wait for book 5 But It's great because I can finally start discussing theories with you guys I have sooo many questions!! So yeah, nice to meet you all.