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  1. Thinking of practical uses of Scadrial investiture and while watching tv led to a thought and link it if it’s been discussed, but if one wanted to travel to deep space with little to no resources and not have to wait couldn’t they burn cadmium and become onboard life support during space travel?
  2. Think more production line 1 creates 2 that can creat 2 each and so on. The problem with your initial way is that even if they did gain the skill to do so, at best they could go back and join slightly earlier learning slightly more slightly sooner which won’t do them much good if they put in years of studying.
  3. Aon Dor stamps, precarved sticks with large aons extending from the ends and the process of pushing the stick would function the same as stabbing a finger. More advanced methods could use giant precarved stamps pushed by several Elantrians focusing a singular intent.
  4. Nahh he just needed this to make a perfect body to contain a shadow, he just used her even though he was sure she could handle herself and that’s why he apologized
  5. Forging has been compared to a program with the more detailed output requiring more detailed instructions. The above link shows that with the moon scepter, which is currently in the possession of the imperial fool, is a translation tool transcribing the necessary processes to achieve your goal, essentially making rewriting a soul as simple as rewriting a pot if not easier. I was thinking along the same lines, if you could fool the essence of a shard that is not tied to a being for long enough, it may draw in all the power giving you access even momentarily... if nothing else use that moment to condense the god metal and access it’s form of investiture that way.
  6. How do you mean? If it rewrote his history so that he had accepted the shard how would this require more investiture than rewriting another soul as you are preforming the same action? I would understand if it required a ridiculously detailed soul stamp due to his vast history and depth but this could be solved with an artifact such as the moon scepter which auto programs the Dor. I would be interested to see if the investiture which has been dispersed would condense around him as a possible host.
  7. Through use of forgery it is shown that one can take different paths in their past for different results to become different versions that could have been Since it has become apparent Hoid had an opportunity to become a shard at some point could forging his soul turn him into one?
  8. I think it would be dope to have almost anti-ideals “I will achieve my goals, no matter the cost.”
  9. spoilers

    If it is the accumulation of how an object and others view the object then wouldn’t it see itself how others believed it to be? Then the object itself would perceive itself how others do and manifest in the cognitive realm accordingly. Then all you must do is convince enough people of something and the object will be convinced as well.
  10. spoilers

    So if this was manifested in the cognitive realm it would manifest as warmth and not really fire? I feel like this just adds to the questions. So does this mean everything within those definitions is fluid and mailable?
  11. I’m sorry, I would like to see what you have done but I cannot read it. Any chance you could recreate your brainstorming types out on a computer?
  12. spoilers

    Cognitive Reflections After speaking with people online I have become obsessed with the way people’s beliefs, perceptions, and interpretations effect the cognitive realm. My question If a blind man makes a bowl with no clue what material it is, what does the cognitive representation look like? What color is it? What happens if he tells people in town about this beautiful purple bowl he made? What if he then brings the bright red bowl to town? The Applications What happens when this same man makes a sword from material he believes whole heartedly can store stormlight (or some other effect)? Thoughts? What could be made? What can be done with this knowledge? Thank you in advance!
  13. Couldn’t a cognitive shadow bond a chasm fiend? Is this what happened???
  14. I would love to see somebody swear Kelsier’s Ideals!
  15. Wouldn’t he have to highjack a willing singer in order to reside in their gemheart? Otherwise the bond would be more like that of a Spren where they have some connection to the physical realm strengthened by their bond.